Shivshakti 14th April 2024 Written Update

Shivshakti 14th April 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Shivshakti 14th April 2024 Written Episode

The episode starts with Indradev’s aides Maheshi warriors searching for Rambh and Shyamala to kill Rambh and Shyamala’s unborn child. Shiv says Indradev did wrong and will have to face punishment for that. Indradev says he is just performing his duty and nobody can stop him. He grins and calls Narayan and Brahmadev and asks them to take Mahadev from here as he is not letting him perform his duty. Shiv warns him to be ready to face punishment for his sin. Indradev disappears saying tridevs can’t interfere now. Narayan and Brahmadev takes Shiv from there.

Maheshi warrior continue to search for Rambh and Shyamala. Junior gods show them Rambh and Shyamala’s hut and think they followed Indra’s orders. Rambh massages Shayamala’s feet. Shyamala says it’s not paining that much. Rambh says he is not only her husband but also her love and it’s his duty to ease her pain. Shyamala says she is lucky to have him as her husband. Mahishi’s barge in and warn Rambh to get away as they can’t see an asur with Mahishi. Rambh refuses. Mahishi’s king says Shyamala belongs to him and orders warrior to kill Rambh. They beat Rambh. Shyamala pleads Mahadev to save them.

Devi Laxmi asks Mahadev why is he not going to save Shyamala and Rambh. Narayan says Tridevs can’t go to help Shayamala and Rambh. Laxmi says she will go then. Narayan stops her. Laxmi questions what is the difference between asurs who are forcefully holding Shyamala and Narayan who is doing same. Narayan leaves her. Laxmi leaves Kailash. Mahishi prepares to kill Rambh. Shyamala pleads to spare Rambh and agrees to do whatever they say. Mahishi king says she will see her husband dying and then will marry him. Mahishi attacks Rambh repeatedly. Rambh falls down injured and crawls towards Shyamala. Shiv feels angry and helpless. Shukracharya hears Rambh’s cry and tells Diti that they shall go and check what is happening.

Rambh dies. Shyamala cries and pleads to let her watch her husband one last time. Mahishi king says she should forget Rambh, end her baby, and then marry him. He drags Shyamala along stepping on Rambh’s dead body. Indradev congratulates gods that Rambh is dead now. Mahishi king forces Shyamala to drink a poison to kill her baby, but she refuses. Shyamala pleads Mahadev for help again.

Precap: Shiv orders Nandi Gan to go and save Shyamala and her baby. Indradev burs Rambh’s body. Shiv reminds that Rambh can get alive again and shows movement in Rambh’s dead body.

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