Suhaagan 3rd February 2024 Written Update

Suhaagan 3rd February 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Suhaagan 3rd February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nidhi seeing Indu’s kitty friends coming there and tells everyone. Sakshi asks Indu to move cloth from her face and says this is the time to get the nose cut. Amma asks Indu if they are her friends? Baldev says who called them here. Sakshi says half of the city came here. Indu’s friends come there. Indu asks them not to question her and sit there. She says they are behind us like the house flies. Baldev says you have brought them. Krish is taking out his anger on the boxing bag. Nikku comes there and tells Krish that Bindiya sent him to be with him. He asks why he is hurting self. He takes him from there. Baldev sees Chirayya family coming there. Phoolmati says they have come to see Payal’s drama. Rose asks if she is dead. Payal comes there on the palanquin. Bindiya feels bad for her parents. Sakshi says people are throwing flowers on us. Baldev says we know the truth.

Payal dances and stops. The Servant of Shukla house tell that she is a drama queen and will not take jal Samadhi. Sapna also comments that she is doing drama on TV now. Krish and Nikku hear them. Krish goes out. Payal says If I have made any mistake then I apologize to them for whatever happened. Phoolmati asks her to say. Payal apologizes to her also. Phoolmati says she doesn’t have anything, but just 72 Rs. Krish sees the Servant asking Payal to go finally. He scolds the Servants and asks them to go. Krish watches Payal telling that this is the story of suhaagan and crazy lover. She tells that she got her husband and she (Payal) will get God, then who has won. She tells that her love will become eternal and immortal after she dies. Krish and Nikku are watching the news still. Payal starts dancing again. Bindiya asks her to stop her drama. Tulsi asks Bindiya to let her go. Rose says Payal can do anything to ruin anyone’s life. Bindiya says Krishna ji haven’t come here, if she is thinking that he will come and save her. She asks if you know swimming. Payal says let me go and unite with my God. Bindiya asks her to think about Shukla family. Payal says they are your family and you shall think about their respect and pride. She says my love is calling me. Amma asks her to go. Payal takes Krish’s photo frame in her hands, and holds it on her head and starts walking. People says Jogan has went to take the samadhi. She walks towards the water and steps in the lake. Bindiya asks Amma to let her go and save Pallu. Krish sees Payal taking rounds and getting in the water.

Episode ends.

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