Suhaagan 9th June 2024 Written Update

Suhaagan 9th June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Suhaagan 9th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Krish losing his calm and gets angry on Birju, though he is injured and tied to the chair. Gunwanti threatens him and says if he don’t marry him then Bindiya will be hurt. Payal looks at Bindiya in her phone and says you have snatched my happiness, now you will lose all my happiness. Birju knocks on the bathroom door and asks Bindiya to come out. He goes inside and finds herself not there. He calls Payal and tells her that Bindiya is not in the room. Payal says you should have kept eye on her. He says if she reached Krish. Payal says she can never reach Krish. She asks him to search her. Birju comes out and shouts saying if this is Krish and her conspiracy. Bindiya comes there and calls Birju. He asks where did you go? She says she had gone for bringing milk, and tells that when she is going to be his, then it shall be done with all the customs. He says Krish and Babli are going to marry, we shall see it at the big screen in our room.

Bablu gets ready in a bridal dress and sees Krish not ready. She asks Gunwanti, why he is not yet ready. Gunwanti says men doesn’t take time to get ready. The goons open Krish’s hands. Gunwanti asks Krish to get ready and not to show any smartness, else Bindiya will lose his life. Bindiya is sitting on the bed and crying. Gunwanti says don’t know why Pandit ji haven’t come. Just then Pandit ji comes there with his face covered with his shawl and he is coughing. Babli says if the Pandit dies while getting the marriage done, he is very old. The groom comes to the mandap and exchange garland with Babli. Bindiya cries and recalls her mariage with Krish. Birju asks Bindiya to let krish become of someone else, as she will become his. Payal smiles as Babli and the groom are taking the rounds. The groom and Babli start taking the rounds. Payal smiles seeing her plan succeeding. Pandit ji says rounds are completed and asks him to tie mangalsutra to babli. He ties it. Pandit ji asks him to fill sindoor in ehr maang. The groom fills her maang with sindoor. Pandit ji (Baldev) tells that the marriage is solemnized. He asks them to take elders’ blessings. They take Gunwanti’s blessings. Gunwati asks Babli to live her married life well. Birju asks Bindiya to become his, as Krish has become of Babli. He makes Bindiya sit on the bed and switches off the live streaming. Payal finds all the live feeds off. Birju drinks wine. He tells that his wedding night will be very long, and asks if she is teasing him. She runs. He follows her. Birju says he has become thirsty and will bring wine.

Payal gives a bag full of money to Gunwanti. Gunwanti counts and takes the money. She says Babli became a rich house bahu, and Birju got Bindiya and will come with her in the morning, and she will take a bus and will go to village. Payal says she will see Bindiya’s condition, and will go there now. Babli lifts the sehra of her groom to get shock of her life.

Episode ends.

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