Swim Team 29th October 2015 Written Update

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Swim Team 29th October 2015 Written Update by Sona

Swim Team 29th October 2015 Written Episode

Rewa says to Bhagat that UG has broken the deal, she didn’t tell her even. Bhagat asks isn’t she getting much possessive about UG, what the big deal is? Rewa says they are best friends. Bhagat says may be UG thinks she won’t be able to understand her feelings about Neel, because she is really unromantic. Rewa gets angry at this, she says she is very romantic and he doesn’t know about it. Bhagat tells her to recall the last time she had a romantic thought even. Rewa thinks about herself and Bhagat, then thinks that she can’t even tell him how romantic she feels. She is annoyed that she is unromantic, alright. Bhagat tells her to calm down and orders a tea at stall. Bhagat thinks he wish he could tell her how cute she looks right now.
Rewa asks what UG is doing with that Neel. Bhagat asks her to stop this Neel’s topic. He gets the tea for her. Rewa is still thinking about Neel and UG. Bhagat says if Neel and UG are together he must be happy for them as he has no chance here with Rewa right now.
There Umang angrily tells Neel to do what he came for, watch the film. Neel was staring at her continuously and says he came here to watch her. He keeps a hand on UG’s shoulder, Umang punches him and the crowd in return shouts at them to stop talking. Neel asks why she came to watch the film with him alone. Umang says she has already told him she isn’t interested in him, whatever happened last night was a mistake and she had commited to come here so she came. She requests Neel to watch the film, as he is lying to himself that she likes him. Neel was about to put a popcorn in her mouth, she tells him to behave. He straightens up.
After the film. Neel makes Umang eat Pani Poori. She cheers that she likes it, it is really spicy and sour as well. Neels helps her clean her mouth. He asks her what it is between Jai and her, why they fight all the time. Umang goes aside, she says that Jai was in relationship with Rewa, he let her go and got indulged with Kanika, that is why she doesn’t speak to him. She says this isn’t the only reason, there are a lot of issues going on between them, he is spoilt brat, mom’s favorite, dad’s favorite. She is just a lottery ticket for her parents, lottery ticket of fame. She wipes her tears. Neel says he had told her that he didn’t go to school after eighth and he doesn’t like studying. That was a lie, he was a favorite student at school and an able one, but he left studies because his parents didn’t want him to. His family didn’t care for him being alive or not, until he started earning money. He knows how it feels when someone uses us as lottery. He tells her to let go of this talk, they are parents and deserve being cared and respected. He pays for Pani poori, they walk on the road. Umang holds Neel’s hand, but forbids him not to say his cheap dialogues and spoil this friendly moment. He tells her to drop her in auto, she says she has a condition that she will drive the rickshaw. He asks what about her image, she says wandering with him she is left with no image already. The driver resists but Neel forces him to sit behind with him and let Umang drive.
Kanika was with her new scooty, Pixie and Vaishnavi come to appreciate it. Kanika boasts that her daddy got her, and tells them about its specs. Vaishnavi and Pixie run behind her for a test drive, they take the scooty on roads celebrating. Vaishnavi tells Kanika this is awesome returning from their test drive.
Rewa says that she doesn’t feel hungry, she is sleepless as well. She was telling this all to Kritika. Kritika says she is in love, her face tells about her feelings. She cleans her face and says that Kritika has judged it all wrong. Kritika says that right now being a patient of love isn’t good for her. Rewa tells her not to take such stupidity, she will focus on swimming only. They say bye to each other. Rewa thinks that Kritika is right, she can’t handle any distraction at this time. She says that Bhagat Kapadia, she isn’t even unromantic but can’t even prove this to him.

PRECAP: Rewa insists on Bhagat that UG doesn’t know what they know about them, and if she knows their plan will get flop. She doesn’t want to discuss about yesterday’s night with anyone. Bhagat says they must ask them, but Rewa keeps a hand on his face.

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