Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasmah 22nd May 2013 Written Update

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Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasmah 22nd May 2013 Written Update by Amena Hasan

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasmah 22nd May 2013 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Jethalal taking raw mangoes to his house. He gets tired by pulling the box. He thinks how will I climb the stairs. He takes help from a man. The man says he has fracture in his hand, and doctor told him not to take up heavy items. Jethalal says thanks. He says people makes excuses. He thinks he has to do it himself. Finally, he comes upstairs, and calls out for Dayaben. Tappu is excited as Jethalal brought a seasoned bat for him. Tappu says thanks to him. Jethalal gives the box of mangoes to Dayaben. Babuji asks how much did you bring, he says 5 dozens. Babuji says in that quantity, you got tired, what is this. Tappu thanks Jethalal for the bat, Jethalal scolds him for the morning act.

Dayaben says Tappu realized his mistake, and she and Babuji has explained him. Babuji asks did you give mangoes to Bhide. Jethalal says he did not accept it from me, as he thought of it as a insult. Babuji says I knew it he will not accept, but it was our work to offer him the mangoes. Babuji’s friend comes, and Babuji is very happy to see him. His friend brings Desi Ghee from the village, he jokes on the Ghee’s quality. Babuji asks him to sit, Jethalal says you did not call.
He says I was wishing to meet Champaklal (babuji), so he came. Babuji says he is feeling happy seeing him. Dayaben says they cannot go like this, without planning. Jethalal asks for tea, kaka asks for food. Babuji asks him to have a bath.

Daya prepares variety of food, for kaka. Kaka says the food is tasty. Babuji says Daya is Annapurna. Dayaben offers him Aamras. Kaka have a great time. Babuji asks about their other friends, and kaka gives them the updates. kaka says he came only for a week, he will go tomorrow. Jethalal says did you book your ticket. He says I will buy the ticket there itlsef, and go. Kaka praises Babuji and Tappu is happy to hear Babuji’s stories. Jethalal says tell us, we want to listen the stories of Babuji’s courage. Kaka narrates an incident of Babuji catching a bull. Jethalal, Dayaben and Tappu are stunned to know the incident, and are proud of Babuji.

Kaka narrates another incident, Jethalal says let us listen, we got a chance to get to know it for the first time. Kaka says Babuji once thought of eating as many laddus as possible. Jethalal asks Babuji why did you do this, and did you lose. Kaka says Babuji won the game, and do you know what happened then. Babuji says did you come to meet me, or tell my incidents. Kaka says the life is beautiful in the villages. Babuji says about the village and living there. Babuji feels good saying about the village. Tappu says its a great life, Babuji says now its only a thought. Kaka says people live the same way in villages. Babuji misses the village. Kaka says its nice to see the sunrise, and the bell ringing in the mandir. Babuji gets glad and says he will also go to village with his friend, and he is missing the village a lot, else he will not get peace.

Dayaben says it might be too hot. Babuji says I will go and meet my relatives. Tappu says I will also come, Babuji says you can’t come, I will go for two weeks, and come back.
Babuji says he has to go tomorrow itself. He asks Jethalal to ask Baaga gor the tickets. Jethalal calls Baaga and Babuji talks to Baaga, and asks him to book the ticket. Babuji tells kaka’s name and his age for Baaga to book the ticket. Babuji is happy that he will go to his village.

Kaka says he will leave now, he says he has to stay at his brother-in-law’s house, else his wife will be annoyed. Jethalal taunts Dayaben for Sundarlal. Babuji invites Kaka for lunch tomorrow. Jethalal says Babuji wants to go to village, but there will be more heat there. I have to come home twice, as Tappu’s mischief will increase, and Bhide will call me often. Dayaben asls him not to worry and sleep.

Taarak’s Message:

Tappu listens only to Babuji, what will happen when Babuji goes to village, Stay tuned.

Baaga tells he is not getting the ticket for now, Jethalal tells what he will say to Babuji now. He says its need result.

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