Tamanna 17th June 2016 Written Update

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Tamanna 17th June 2016 Written Update by Amena

Tamanna 17th June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mihir scolding the man and asking what will you do, show me. The man taunts on Dhara’s character. Mihir beats the man. Dhara makes Mihir get away and shouts to him to leave. She asks Mishra and team guys to leave. She tell the man that she will call police and file case of misbehaving with a woman, why are you ruining this ground, why did you get these cars. The man says we got this govt order, I will get you arrested. Mihir looks on. The man says don’t argue, let us do our work. She says fine, do your work, I appealed in high court, till we get stay order, do anything. The man says that stay order will never come. She sees Mihir and goes to him. She asks why did you come here, go please. He says let me explain.

She says I don’t want to talk to you, please leave. He says I came to meet Shubhangi, I could not control myself seeing these goons talking to you like this, trust me. She goes. Doctor tells Sanjay that Chaurasia got a stroke, his body’s right side got paralyzed, it will take time for his recovery. Sanjay asks Chaurasia to rest. Chaurasia apologizes and says I was wrong, I always thought bad, forgive me, Lord punished me for my deeds, I would have died if you did not save me. Sanjay says I did not save you, Dhara saved you, Dhara made you reach here, you should thank her, take rest, I will leave. Chaurasia regrets and cries. Dhara comes there. Chaurasia apologizes to her. Sanjay tells about Chaurasia’s paralysis. Chaurasia says I have hurt you a lot, you gave me a new life.

Dhara says elders should not apologize to young ones, and forgives him. She leaves with Sanjay. He finds her worried and asks the matter. She says nothing. He asks her again. She tells him everything. He gets angry and says its enough, I have to do something of Bhai ji. She says stop, that’s why I did not tell anything to you. He says till when will we sit quiet, I won’t say anything now, I will show you now. She says don’t go, please, it won’t be good. He leaves.

Bhai ji plays chess and laughs. Sanjay is with Salamat. Dhara calls him and asks where is he, when is he coming. She makes him promise that he won’t do anything wrong. Sanjay promises her. He goes to meet Bhai ji. Bhai ji speaks bad about Dhara. Sanjay holds his collar and scolds him for calling Dhara a snake. He says you are a coward, if you take Dhara’s name with your bad tongue, I will not leave you. I m warning you, get that school ground vacated, if you want to be alive, stay away from Dhara, if my anger breaks out, then no one can save you. Salamat asks Sanjay to leave Bhai ji. Bhai ji says I m really scared Sanjay. He says you are useless, you are depending on a woman, you are not of any use for Dhara too, you are not a man now. He laughs. Sanjay aims gun at him. Bhai ji’s men aim gun at Sanjay. Salamat worries.

Bhai ji provokes Sanjay. Sanjay stops recalling promise made to Dhara. Bhai ji says I m glad seeing your anger, but its against me, this is bad. Sanjay says its time now you accept the truth, your future is very painful. Bhai ji says you started predicting future, great. Sanjay says you got Gaffur killed and started riots, but I have come in between now, Bulandgunj knows your truth now, you lost trust of everyone, your party also believes that I will win this election.

Sanjay says your time is over now, my time started, do as I say. Bhai ji says you showed my future, this is one side of the coin, future can’t be present, present is I m on this chair, I have this power. Sanjay looks at him.

Dhara asks who has sent you for my security. The man says Mihir. Shubhangi says I want to meet Papa. Dhara says Mihir is not here, go and attend class. The man says but Mihir is in this city.

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