Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 15th May 2023 Written Update

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 15th May 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 15th May 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
The yogini starts the spell. A spark goes inside Cherry. Cherry wakes up and gets controlled by her. She asks Cherry to go somewhere. Veer comes there. He says Cherry we will sort everything. Let’s go home. Yogini tries to attack Veer. Veer ties her. She attacks him on hand and asks Cherry to release her. Cherry gets angry at Veer. Veer says calm down. he holds Cherry. The yogini tries to attck Veer. A Mahesh stabs her. It’s Mahir. Veer is shocked. Veer says plot twist. Mahir says I thought I might check my power with you but you can’t fight with me. VEer says a Mahesh signed my death license. Mahir says a Mahesh gave you this wound. I can tell you the treatment. Get well soon so I can have my battle with you.

Veer brings Cherry home. He says Aliya got stabbed. I don’t think he will be able to do his spell for a month. We can use this time to tackle Sikander. We should send Eisha out of country till then. Armaan is silent. DAksh says Eisha has already gone to Sikander. Veer is shocked. He says what rubbish? Daksh says ask your brother. Bheem stops the car in jungle and drags Eisha somewhere. The yogini gets up. She drank something to save herself. Aliya says I didn’t know you are lucky enough to die from hands of a Rajwanshi. She starts the spell. Sikadner comes there. He says hello Eisha. A fire circle forms around her.

Veer says you sent Eisha to Sikander? You risked her life. He says that was the only option left. Veer gets angry and says this is your love? You left her with a wolf? Armaan says why do you care so much? Why did you make her dirnk your blood? Veer says to keep her alive. Armaan says why did you want to keep her alive? He says I care for her. Armaan says what is your relation with her? Veer says I.. Armaan shoves him and says don’t even dare to say that. Veer says if I were you I won’t have left her alone to die. Daksh says Sikander might have a lot of ways to work on his plan. Veer says I will not let this happen. Armaan says Eisha is my life. I will save her. You don’t need to worry about her, I have a plan for her.

Scene 2
Sikander comes to Eisha. He comes inside the fire circle. He takes the parasmani from her. Eisha is scared. He says you’re exactly Kaviya. Same eyes, same face. I like Angiras, they do the work. Kaivya left and Eisha is here. Eisha says but you also need a wolf. He says it doesn’t have to be Kaviya. Bring the girl. Aliya says Cherry isn’t here. Veer saved her and took her. Eisha says Cherry is a wolf?

Mehak tries to heal Cherry. VEer says mehak you cna’t contorl your powers and Eisha didn’t want to involve you. Mehak says that’s my decision. He says you can lose your life. Mehak says I can chanelize their powers. I went where my nani died and consumed those powers. I can chanelize their powers now. Sikander says you couldn’t control Cherry? He burns Aliya and says I want to kill you right away. But I wanna complete my spell first. He takes out a wolf from the car. It’s Malini. Eisha is shocked. Eisha says mausi..

Episode ends

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