Teri Meri Doriyaann 1st April 2024 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 1st April 2024 Written Update by MA

Teri Meri Doriyaann 1st April 2024 Written Episode

Sahiba asks inspector why did he arrest Diljeet. Inspector says a girl is missing and they are investigating regarding the same. Sahiba asks what does he mean, Diljeet can never think of kidnapping anyone, who complained against him. Inspector says Ludhiana’s rich businessman’s sister is missing and he complained against Diljeet. Surinder says he tried to inform that sardarji that Diljeet is innocent and he found that girl’s phone in a truck, but sardarji didn’t even listen to him. Akeer asks Diljeet if that dirty uncle hit him. Diljeet nods yes. Akeer says he will not spare that dirty uncle. Sahiba tells inspector that he can’t keep Diljeet here without any solid evidence. Inspector says Diljeet can go home now and leave his address here to call him if needed. Diljeet nods okay and leaves with Sahiba and Akeer.

Angad reaches hospital and tells nurse that he is Simran’s brother. Sahiba and Akeer nurse Diljeet’s wounds and cuss arrogant man/Angad for harming him. Diljeet says that man was really worried for his sister and cares for his family a lot. Akeer says he will punish that dirty uncle. Diljeet tells Sahiba that the man ran to Panesar city hospital once he learnt that his sister is admitted there. Sahiba asks if that girl is 13-14 years old. Diljeet says she looked like a kid in a pic. Sahiba describes finding an semiconscious girl murmuring bhaiya and taking her to Panesar hospital. She says she will call the hospital and find out about the girl.

Angad reaches Simran and asks nurse what has happened to her. Nurse says she is severely dehydrated and under heavy medications. Angad asks nurse how did she reach hospital. Simran murmurs Sahiba bhabhi. Angad is shocked and thinks why she is taking Sahhiba’s name. Sahiba calls hospital and enquires about Simran. Nurse says girl is fine now and her brother is with her. Sahiba says she felt that she knows that girl, there is some connection between them. Akeer vents out his frustration on a dirty uncle who hit his yaara. Angad asks Simran why did she climb school wall. Simran thinks of not informing him about Sahiba and keep him away from Sahiba as Sahiba troubled him a lot. She says she climbed to pick her friend’s kite, slipped and fell into a truck, lost consciousness, called him when she woke up, her phone fell between grain bags when driver applied brakes, etc. Angad realizes that Diljeet was right and feels guilty. He says nurse told a lady dropped her to the hospital, who was she. Simran says she doesn’t remember.

Diljeet tells Akeer that he will get him a sports cycle Akeer wished for on his birthday. Akeer gets happy and rejoices. He insists to sleep with his parents. Diljeet says he built a big room for him, but he wants to sleep in his parents’ room like an afraid kid. Akeer says he is not afraid. Diljeet takes him to his room and makes him asleep. He thinks of winning cycle competition and gifting him a cycle. Angad tells Simran that she took Sahiba’s name in a semiconscious state. Simran acts and says she doesn’t know how she took that name and will never take it again. Angad says maybe she saw a dream. Simran says maybe she saw a bad dream and hence took Sahiba’s name. Angad asks her to rest and walks out of room.

Precap: Diljeet searches for Akeer. Akeer reaches hospital to punish dirty uncle for troubling his parents. He then runs behind Angad’s car.

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