Teri Meri Doriyaann 21st June 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 21st June 2023 Written Update by MA

Teri Meri Doriyaann 21st June 2023 Written Episode

Japjyoth asks Angad when is he talking Sahiba for a doctor’s checkup as its important for both mother and baby. Angad says they will discuss about it later. Sahiba gets Kiara’s call and walks aside. Kiara informs her that Jatin is coming to meet her at a restaurant. Sahiba asks her not to inform Jatin that she is also coming or else Jatin would get alert. Kiara says she will wait for her outside, they will go together. Sahiba says they will go separate to avoid family’s doubt. Kiara reaches restaurant and meets Jatin. She gifts him the best dad mug and informs that she has decided to keep her baby. Jatin gets angry and says he wants her to abort the baby.

Sahiba walks in and says it should be Kiara’s decision whether to keep her baby or not. Jatin asks who is she, they didn’t seek her advice. Sahiba asks Kiara to tell who she is. Kiara says she is her SIL Sahiba Kaur Brar, Angad’s wife. Jatin says they don’t need her advice and will handle their issues themselves, he asks Kiara to either send Sahiba away or he will go. Sahiba says she will not go anywhere and will not let him go. Kiara reveals that Sahiba gave her name instead of her in pregnancy test. Jatin says Kiara should abort her baby if she wants to focus on her bright career in interior designing. Sahiba says Kiara can achieve anything if Jatin supports her and asks why women are stereotyped, she can show him many examples where married women achieved a lot both in their professional and personal lives. She suggests him to marry Kiara as soon as possible.

Jatin gets more anxious and says he is not yet ready for marriage. Sahiba says its already late as Kiara is pregnant and before family finds out about it, he should come with his family with alliance. Jatin says his family is in Mumbai and he is in Ludhiana due to his business. Sahiba says he should think of it and visit Brar mansion in a day or two. She gets a call from Santosh and walks aside. Kaira goes to washroom. Jatin tries to leave. Sahiba chats with Santosh, who insists to gift her something for her good news, and returns when she finds Jatin at the door. She says they didn’t complete their discussion yet. Jatin says its already done, Kiara is in washroom, and he is going. Kiara joins them and tells Sahiba that Jatin is nervous as everything is happening in a hurry. Jatin leaves.

Sahiba waits for an auto and notices Jatin speaking to someone and then keeping a toys in his car’s backseat and driving away. She follows him in auto and is shocked to see him having a wife and a daughter. She follows them further to a restaurant, calls Kiara and asks her to reach her given location. Kiara reaches there. Sahiba takes her inside restaurant. Angad recalls Sahiba announcing her pregnancy. Surinder calls him and informs that Sahiba’s shop is repaired and he warned shopkeepers not to trouble Sahiba’s family again. Angad disconnects call and thinks he wanted to surprise Sahiba, but she gave him a surprise. Kiara is shocked to see Jatin with a woman and a child. Sahiba reveals that they are Jatin’s wife and daughter.

Precap: Sahiba recalls Brars insulting her citing her qualification and demanding to stop working as her identity is just a Brar DIL. She gives some papers to Angad and says when a wife should be happy in husband’s happiness, can’t a husband support his wife for his wife’s happiness.

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