Teri Meri Doriyaann 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 23rd May 2023 Written Update by MA

Teri Meri Doriyaann 23rd May 2023 Written Episode

Angad asks Sahiba to try and understand his suggestion with a calm mind. Sahiba says he should understand himself first, he is continuously doing mistakes and should stop it. Angad says just because she proved him wrong once doesn’t mean she can’t make mistakes, she should understand that Garry and Seerat’s marriage is the only way out. Sahiba says he can settle his brother wherever he wants to, she is there to take care of her sister. Angad asks her to stop it now. Akaal tells Japjyoth that Angad wants to keep the family united by giving Garry another chance, its not possible by everyone. Japjyoth says sometimes a sinner should be punished, a few people are like termites who eat away all relationships. Akaal says Garry’s truth is out in front of everyone, he doesn’t think Garry will repeat his mistake again.

Angad tells Sahiba that Garry will not repeat his mistakes and will correct them, this would be a justice for Seerat. Sahiba says he is supporting his blood and is same as Garry. Garry tells Jasleen that he will not hang Seerat named bell in his neck. Jasleen says he is a fool to go behind girls while she was trying to settle his life and get him Brar empire. Sahiba continues to argue. Angad says he is not taking her permission and informing her and says she should calmly understand that his decision is right for Seerat. Jaspal tells family that Angad sought a gift from them on his birthday. Ajith and Santosh thank Brars for their proposal and say they are still thinking about it. Hasnsraj tells Prabjyoth that they brought already one sister and now thinking of brining another sister over their head. Inder also opposes Angad’s decision.

Sahiba asks Angad if he didn’t see that Seerat was trying to commit suicide. Angad says he knows and wants to give hope to Seerat. Sahiba says she is there for her sister and her family also disagrees to his proposal, so he should keep it to himself. She walks back to living room and asks if her parents left. Veer says yes. She asks what was their answer. Veer says they said they need time. Akaal says Angad sought a gift from them and he thinks they should give a chance to Garry. Sahiba says some people won’t change and Garry is one of them. Inder says this girl is 100% right, Garry always tried to harm Angad and he doesn’t want to do this mistake. Angad says what is wrong if Garry reforms himself after marrying Seerat. Inder says Garry’s sins are innumerable, Seerat doesn’t know what she is up to. Manveer tells Angad that she can’t withstand Garry and Jasleen’s faces and will protect Angad from them.

Sahiba says their worries and argument are waste as her family will not accept this proposal. Angad drags her into car and reaches Monga house. Sahiba asks if he changed his decision. Angad says he didn’t and wants her and her family to think about his decision with a calm mind as hatred will not do good to anyone. Sahiba gets adamant and Angad continues his best to convince her. Angad says its waste to argue and they should seek her family’s opinion. Garry asks Jasleen what she is up to. Jasleen says he is the biggest fool of this world, its good that she is his mom who knows what is best for him, this marriage is a ticket for his return to home. Santosh agrees with Angad’s proposal. Sahiba says Garry is a leach who wouldn’t change, she can’t let him in her family. She hugs Seerat and says Seerat lost her smile because of Garry and she can’t she her life ruined by Garry. Ajith backs her.

Precap: Seerat says she sees logic in Angad’s proposal and tells Sahiba its her wedding and hence Sahiba should stay away. She takes promise from Angad to support her whenever she is in trouble.

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