Teri Meri Doriyaann 25th May 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 25th May 2023 Written Update by MA

Teri Meri Doriyaann 25th May 2023 Written Episode

Santosh panics when she sees rats at home and scolds Ajith. Door bell rings. She angrily opens door holding a broom and stick and drops it seeing Jasleen and Kiara. Jasleen asks if they came at the wrong time. Santosh welcomes them and signals Ajith and Taiji to clean the mess soon. She says its just 3 rats which were troubling them and silently asks Kulcha to bring biscuits from a bakery. Jasleen asks Santosh to call Seerat. Seerat walks down and is surprised to see them.. Jasleen says she heard about their decisions regarding Angad’s proposal from Sahiba, so she personal came here with Garry and Seerat’s proposal. She shows them a diamond necklace and says has bought many such necklaces for her DIL. Ajith refuses her proposal. Jasleen tells Seerat that Garry is repenting for his mistakes and accepted this alliance, Garry is punished by Angad and whole family and ashamed of his acts.

Ajith refuses her proposal again. Jasleen says she is worried for Seerat’s future and likes her. Ajith says they can’t ruin Seerat’s life for a cheapster like Garry. Kiara rudely says there are many girls who want to marry her brother. Jasleen asks her to stop misbehaving with elders and says her one child is arrogant, but at least another child should have some manner. She continues to request Ajith to forgive Garry and accept this proposal. Ajith refuses and asks her to take her jewelry away. Jasleen says its a question of both childrens’ lives, so he should calm down and take an informed decision. She says both Sahiba and Seerat can live together and they won’t miss their parental house. Santosh tells Seerat that Jasleen is right. Seerat says she wants to talk to someone before taking any decision. Ajith asks if she wants to talk to Sahiba.

Seerat hiding her face reaches Angad’s office. Angad welcomes her and asks servant to bring a coffee. Seerat tells him that she came to talk about the birthday gift he sought yesterday; Garry betrayed her. Angad says he knows her answer is no. Seerat says her decision depends on his answer and says she doesn’t know if Garry really is repenting for his mistakes but knows that Angad wants to see her happy. Servant brings coffee. Seerat picks a hot cup and burns her finger. Angad gets concerned and orders ice. Seerat says its okay. Angad says he doesn’t want her to lead her life hiding. Seerat asks him to promise her that he will take care of her similarly even when she reaches his home as Garry’s bride.

Sahiba reaches shop and asks Kulcha why accounts book so bad. Kulcha says their regularly customers have stopped giving them orders thinking she is A Brar DIL now and will not work. Sahiba says she will visit shop regularly from hereon and orders him to bring tea for them and Seerat. Seerat says she is unable to trust anyone, especially Garry, and will marry Garry only if he promises that he will not let anything wrong happen to her and will take care of her always; he forgave her even after breaking his heart, but his family is still angry on her and she needs his support at his house. Angad says her biggest support Sahiba is already present in Brar mansion.

Keerat meets Sahiba and asks if she forgot her when she was out of house for tournament for a few days. Sahiba says she stays in her heart. Keerat asks why she was asking about Seerat, she is not at home. Seerat tells Angad that Sahiba opposed her and Garry’s marriage, she doesn’t know what Sahiba wants; sometimes she thinks Angad understands her better. Angad says he understand her condition and promises that there won’t be any problem for her in Brar mansion. Seerat breaks down and says his promise is enough for her to marry Garry, she trusts Angad more than Sahiba.

Precap: Sahiba thinks Garry and Seerat’s marriage is happening agianst her wish, she doesn’t know what new turn Angad’s decisionn will bring in their lives. Angad fixes engagement ring in Seerat’s finger when Garry fails to fix it. Sahiba looks at him in shock.

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