Teri Meri Doriyaann 28th March 2024 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 28th March 2024 Written Update by MA

Teri Meri Doriyaann 28th March 2024 Written Episode

Bus conductor wakes up Akeer and informs him that GGD International School has arrived. Akeer gets down the bus and walks into school. He is mesmerized to see such a big school. His pencil falls in front of Angad’s poster. He picks it and looks at it carefully. Simran rushes to the poster and tries to correct it. Akeer misguides he in correcting it. She gets angry on Akeer. Akeer gives her a prompt reply. She gets irritated as usual and complains a teacher not to enroll this mischievous kid in competition. Teacher identifies her as chief guest Angad’s sister and refuses to to enroll Akeer in competition. Akeer pleads teacher, but teacher gets adamant that a senior has complained against him and hence he can’t participate. Akeer asks if senior complained or chief guest’s daughter.

Daljeet with Sahiba heads towards GGD International school on his bike. Sahiba worried for Akeer asks him to speed up. Daljeet says he is driving in full speed. They reach reach school. Angad’s car passes by. Driver applies sudden brakes. Angad asks what happened. Driver says a bike passed by suddenly. Angad gets angry on the driver. Both Sahiba and Angad don’t notice each other. School management welcomes Angad.

Akeer breaks down when he doesn’t get enrolment. Daljeet parks his bike in a VIP parking area and rushes in searching for Akeer. Angad’s car reaches VIP parking area. Show organizer asks watchman to get the bike out. Angad notices same bike which passed by his car and thinks he should teach a lesson to it’s owner. He pulls the bike aside and throws it down and asks his driver to park the car. He is welcomed by management. Akeer walks out thinking he came from so far and didn’t get enrolment because of arrogant didi. He notices his papa’s bike fallen on the ground and asks security guard who did it. Guard shows Angad. Akeer thinks of confronting him, but guard shoos him away.
Akeer tries to lift the bike but fails and thinks is his father.

Sahiba and Daljeet show Akeer photos to the people in the school and ask if they saw him, and they all say no. Sahiba enters a science project room. School management ask Angad to watch science student’s project. Student gives him a remote and asks him to enter the room and experience magic. He walks in and presses button. Snow starts falling. Sahiba is present nearby at a 2-3 feet distance, but they both don’t notice each other. They both recall the quality time spent in Shimla in a hut and then rest of the incidents happened. Angad walks out saying he doesn’t want to watch it. Sahiba also walks out.

Daljeet calls Sahiba. Angad stops but then walks away. Sahiba walks to Daljeet and asks if he found Akeer. Daljeet says not yet. Sahiba breaks down. Daljeet asks her to have courage or else he can’t control himself. Sahiba notices a student carrying registration form and says they shall check at registration venue. They show Akeer’s pic to form registration staff who says he didn’t see this boy, anyways there are so many kids here, he can’t remember anyone’s face. Daljeet gets angry on him. Sahiba asks him to behave and takes him aside. Daljeet breaks down worried for Akeer more. Sahiba heads towards admin room to make announcement. Daljeet takes mic from an event host and runs away. Akeer sitting on Daljeet’s bike cries for his parents.

Precap: Daljeet sings a song for Akeer. Akeer walks to him singing in reply. Angad hears a kid’s voice and searches for it. Sahiba reaches Akeer and pampers him.

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