Teri Meri Doriyaann 3rd February 2024 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 3rd February 2024 Written Update by MA

Teri Meri Doriyaann 3rd February 2024 Written Episode

During haldi ceremony, Veer insists Sahiba and Angad to express their feelings for each other in front of everyone. Whole family insists them. Sahiba tells Veer that he is right that whatever is in the heart should come out; she never expressed her feelings for Angad and wants to express it in front of everyone. She holds Angad’s hands and says Veer said it right that we are the first couple whose haldi is happening after marriage and couldn’t express their feelings for each other yet; she took 1 year to express feelings and doesn’t know if she will get a chance again or not. She says I love you Angad. Whole family happily claps for them. Angad stands speechless looking at Sahiba.

Veer asks Hansraj to whistle as bhabhi expressed her feelings in front of everyone. Jasleen says Angad is not keeping his eyes off Sahiba. Bebe says let us continue the ritual. Whole family applies haldi to Angad/Sahiba, Keerat and Veer. Garry walks away unable to see Keerat with Garry. Keerat notices that and stands up. Veer asks Keerat why did she stand up when mummy was applying haldi to her. Keerat says she is feeling anxious and walks away saying she is going to washroom. Prabjot asks Santosh what happened to Keerat. Santosh says she has usual prewedding anxiousness. Keerat walks to Garry’s room and asks why did he walk away. Garry says he will not meet her again as he is going to Delhi tomorrow. Keerat says he is liar as he promised to stay by her side always. He says she is marrying to Veer. Keerat says Veer’s friends will attend wedding, but she has only Garry as her friend and wants him to attend wedding from her side. She keeps his hand on her head and asks him to promise that he will not go to Delhi. He stands silent. She gets Veer’s call and leaves from there teary eyed.

Sahiba notices her getting out of Garry’s room and asks if she had come to meet Garry. Keerat walks away. Garry recalls Keerat’s words and says he can’t stay back here as he can’t see her marrying Veer. Sahiba hears that. Garry says she must be thinking that whatever Veer told about him and Keerat is true, its wrong as he never manipulated Keerat as he truly loves Keerat. He says he fell in love with someone for the first time; he played a game with Seerat, but has true feelings for Keerat. He says he didn’t express his feelings to Keerat and will hide it from everyone. Sahiba says he can’t hide it from everyone, Veer is already upset, Garry has to control his feelings and should accept Delhi job. Garry says he will do whatever she says and will go to Delhi far away from Keerat’s life.

Sahiba wile boiling milk gets lost in thoughts. Angad switches off gas and asks why didn’t he return to room yet. Sahiba asks why is he bothered. Angad says he wants to ask her something. Sahiba asks him to go ahead. Angad asks why did she tell him I love you during haldi ceremony, was it true. Sahiba asks if he thinks it’s true. Angad says he doesn’t know, so he is asking her. Sahiba says she doesn’t feel it’s important to answer him and walks away offering him turmeric milk. Angad walks to garden and stands silently recalling Sahiba saying she will act as his good wife till divorce, telling him I love you, and saying she doesn’t have to answer his question.

Garry walks to him and asks if he can talk to him for 2 minutes. Angad asks why shall he. Garry says he got a job in Delhi and is leaving tomorrow. He requests to take care of mom/Jasleen and wish him good luck as he is doing something good for the first time. Angad says he is thinking how did he change so much. Garry says he is following Sahiba’s advice. Angad asks if Sahiba asked him to go. Garry says yes, Sahiba asked him to move on and start afresh. Angad wishes him all the best. Garry leaves. Angad thinks why didn’t Sahiba inform him about it, did she do that for him as he hates Garry, etc.

Precap: Angad tears divorce papers and thinks he did a big mistake, he can’t lose Sahiba at any cost, he will apologize her and set things right. Sahiba walks in injured and says he is late. Angad asks what happened to her.

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