Teri Meri Doriyaann 5th June 2024 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 5th June 2024 Written Update by MA

Teri Meri Doriyaann 5th June 2024 Written Episode

Angad calls his lawyer and insists him to get Sahiba’s bail tomorrow at any cost as Sahiba was attacked in lockup and her life is in danger. Amarinder’s aide hears him and over phone informs Amarinder that Sahiba was attacked and would have died if her husband had not barged in from nowhere. Amarinder warns him that Angad shouldn’t know about it at any cost. Angad hears him and asks what was he talking about him and what is he doing near police station at this time. Amarinder nervously says Amu is upset with whatever is going on, she asked him if Angad will marry her or not as he is behind Sahiba right now, he was discussing about it with Harneet. Angad says Amu knows everything, even then she is confused. Amarinder Sahiba murdered Diljeet and is in jail. Angad asks if he saw Sahiba murdering Diljeet. Diljeet says he heard about it. Angad says Sahiba is innocent and asks if he got any information. Amarinder says no. Angad leaves. Amarinder thinks Sahiba didn’t inform Angad about Harneet yet, he needs to kill Sahiba before she does so.

Angad returns home and informs Garry that Diljeet’s murderer is still roaming freely, someone tried to kill Sahiba, even the mystery of who made Diljeet rich overnight. Garry asks who would try to kill Sahiba in jail. Angad says maybe Diljeet’s mother helped him become rich overnight and she got Sahiba attacked. He reaches Diljeet’s bungalow and finds a police constable guarding outside. He jumps into the bungalow via a wall and searches for the clue in cupboards. He finds property documents and is shocked to see Harneet’s signatures on them. He recalls Sahiba telling that Diljeet called his mother before dying and Harneet letting flower truck inside Brar mansion suspiciously and thinks if Harneet is Diljeet’s mother.

Amarinder walks in suspiciously. Angad switches on lights. Amarinder is shocked to see Angad there. Angad says he now realised that he and Harneet conspired against him and Sahiba and supported Diljeet. Amarinder says there is nothing like that. Angad shows him Harneet’s signatures on property papers and asks what he wants to say now. Amarinder says Harneet supported Diljeet so that Diljeet marries Sahiba and Angad marries Amu. Angad asks if Harneet is Diljeet’s mother that she helped Diljeet. Amarinder holds his collar and warns him to dare not connect his wife with Diljeet. Angad shouts Diljeet is Harneet’s son for sure and asks Amarinder if he tried to trap Sahiba because of that, a child had to stay away from his mother because of that.

Amarinder asks Angad why is he so concerned about Sahiba. Angad holds his collar and shouts Sahiba is his son’s mother and his wife. Amu attacks him from behind with a hockey stick and shouts that Sahiba is no one to him. Amarinder stops her and says Angad will die. Amu reveals how she shot Diljeet when she learnt that Diljeet is her mother’s illegitimate son and was snatching her mother’s love from her. Angad threatens to get Amu arrested and prove Sahiba innocent. Amarinder attacks Angad next and says he can kill anyone for Amu and even die for her. Amu asks if he is dead. Amarinder says not yet and switches off Angad’s mobile. Garry informs Manveer that Angad’s number is switched off. He calls Angad’s lawyer and asks if Angad is with him. Lawyer says he is not and in fact he is also trying to contact Angad. Amarinder ties Angad to a chair.

Precap: Angad and Sahiba perform pheras in gurudwara taking oaths again. Angad says like Punjab’s 4 love stories, theirs will be 5th love story. Sahiba says all 4 love stories didn’t have happy ending. Angad says he will make their ending happy with her support.

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