Teri Meri Doriyaann 8th July 2024 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 8th July 2024 Written Update by MA

Teri Meri Doriyaann 8th July 2024 Written Episode

Angad apologises Gurnoor for misunderstanding her, for asking her to get out of his house, shouting and misbehaving with her, increasing her pain with his bitter words. Gurnoor says he didn’t know about her past, so he need not apologise. Angad says he heard that she returned Sahiba’s passport. Gurnoor says she felt that she is betraying even Sahiba. Angad says she should get a second chance. Gurnoor asks why did he help her. Angad says she deserves to be saved from evil Zoravar. Gurnoor asks why did he call her as Sahiba in front of Zoravar, does she remind him of Sahiba. Angad says he saw Sahiba in her many times, but he never considered her as Sahiba; she is also helps others like Sahiba, fights for justice, solves problems, etc. He was speaking to Garry about her a day before. She asks is it? He says even Akeer talks about her and says she looks like his mamma, but not his mamma; her adamancy is also like Sahiba.

Gurnoor says even she believes that she and Sahiba are similar, but they are different in terms of love; Sahiba had Angad who loved her immensely and even after Sahiba left, he is keeping her alive in everyone’s memory; she doesn’t have such love in her life and has a monster in her life instead; she wanted to become a singer, but Zoravar killed her dream and tortured her each day, she died each second in her grip. Angad says he can understand what she means seeing Zoravar; even he is not perfect and made mistakes and when he realised his mistakes and wanted to correct them, Sahiba left him forever; he feels guilty for not correcting himself and saving Sahiba on time. Gurnoor says he shouldn’t keep his feelings about Sahiba to himself and should share with her; she used to ask him to smile and now realised why he looked sad always. Angad asks him to forget and rest now, she shouldn’t discuss about whatever happened today with Akeer. She nods okay and wishes him goodnight.

Angad walks towards his room recalling Gurnoor’s words. hGe turns back and sees her looking at him. He returns to her and says he wants to tell her one more thing; Zoravar destroyed her many years, tortured her, treated her like an animal, even then she kept herself strong because of her music and she should pursue her music at any cost and he will help her fulfil her dream. She nods okay. He walks away and stands in front of Sahib’s photo. He tells Sahiba that he didn’t know that Ms Kaur is in so much pain, he is not trying to help Ms Kaur but helping himself, he got his son back because of Ms Kaur, Ms Kaur hides her pain, etc., and promises her to support Ms Kaur by all means. Garry and Jasleen hear him.

Next day, Jasleen meets her friend at a cafe and discusses about the problems created by Gurnoor at her house. Friend jokes at first and then apologises her, asks why that doppelganger is not going from her house. Jasleen says Gurnoor is considering herself as Brar family DIL and she doesn’t know how to get rid off her. Friend leaves. Beeja sitting in next table asks if her DIL’s look alke stays in her house. Jasleen says Sahiba wasn’t her DIL and Angad is his nephew. Beeja walks to her and says she heard her problem, why don’t she do anything if she doesn’t want that girl in her house. Jasleen asks why shall she answer her or listen to her. Beeja says she knows that girl very well and how she is misusing her face. Jasleen asks if she knows? Beeja says she learnt that Gurnoor likes like Sahiba and Angad calls her Sahiba, does she also think that Gurnoor looks like Sahiba. Jasleen says Gurnoor can never be like Sahiba, Sahiba was very kind and helpful, she reunited her with her son Garry and left them all so early.

Beeja asks if everything is alright in her son’s life. Jasleen says her son works hard and spend all the time taking care of business, but he doesn’t get a respect he deserves and has just become Angad’s shadow. Beeja says she can understand her concern, her son will also shine like Angad soon. Jasleen thanks her. Beeja says she can help her get rid of Gurnoor from Brar mansion. Jasleen asks who is she. Beeja says she bought up Gurnoor’s husband Zoravar Singh Maan since his childhood. Sahiba attends a singing competition audition. Angad accompanies and cheers her up. Receptionist asks if he is her husband. Angad says he is her friend and came to give her moral support. Receptionist says there would be 2 rounds, one is interview and another is signing round, and asks her to fill the form soon.

Precap: Sahiba runs around the house. Angad walks behind her. Gurnoor says she wants to tell him something which she never told to anyone. Zoravar speaks and says even he wants to listen from her, gudiya. Gurnoor gets tensed seeing him.

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