Tum Aise Hi Rehna 25th March 2015 Written Update

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Tum Aise Hi Rehna 25th March 2015 Written Update by MA

Tum Aise Hi Rehna 25th March 2015 Written Episode

Abhi sits at Ria’s side and apologizes to her. He says he thought to start their life afresh, but gave pain to her. He says I won’t let you suffer. He hears the song Ajeeb Dastan Hain Yeh………….from Mr. Kapoor’s room and thinks everything is in people’s hand, but they shall know what is right and wrong. Anushka is seen drinking wine and hearing the song sadly. Next morning Ria wakes up and says her head is very heavy. She asks what happened yesterday. Abhi asks her to forget everything and enjoy the tea. Ria says Mr. Kapoor is a dangerous man. Abhi is about to tell that he has cancelled the deal, but just then he gets a call from Mr. Kapoor. Abhi didn’t pick the call, but Ria asks him to pick to know about his plans. Abhi picks the call. Mr. Kapoor asks are you sleeping? Abhi asks him to come to the point.

Mr. Kapoor says you don’t want to talk or do business with me, but don’t forget your values. He says I will make you hear the voice of someone. Abhi hears Kailash asking Mr. Kapoor to have puris. Abhi asks how dare you go to my house. Mr. Kapoor says your family is right infront of my eyes. Ria asks Abhi to put the call on loudspeaker. Mr. Kapoor tells Abhi, if he dares to break the partnership then he will become orphan. He says he couldn’t sleep entire night because of his slap. He then thought to kill him, but later decides to give pain to him through his family. Rukmani comes and asks Kapoor to come for food. Kapoor gives the call to Rukmani. Rukmani tells Abhi that Kapoor is a good and jovial man. She asks why didn’t you come back. Abhi says we are leaving from here. Rukmani says ok and gives the call to Kapoor. He warns him not to break partnership nor tell anyone about him. He says if I add poison in their food, then they will die. Abhi threatens to kill him. Mr. Kapoor asks him to cool down and orders him to bring his Anushka there. He disconnects the call.

Ria tells Abhi that they shall tell the truth to Police. She calls Rukmani and tells Kapoor to be dangerous man. Mr. Kapoor is on the other side of call and says guest is God. Ria says I called Maa ji. Mr. Kapoor says this is called technology. I have diverted your family’s phone numbers on my phone. Whenever someone calls, the bell will ring on my phone. He tells that he took their phone and diverted the calls. He tells that public always do the mistake and one mistake is did by you. He asks her to bring Anushka with her.

Abhi asks Ria to pack her bags and goes to bring Anushka. He goes to Anushka’s room and finds a letter. Anushka leaves the letter for Mr. Kapoor. Abhi reads the letter. It is written that she is leaving and will not meet him in this birth. Ria comes there. Abhi tells that Anushka has eloped.

Mr. Kapoor likes the papaya. Kailash says we connected with you instantly and I am happy that Abhi will learn many things from you. Kapoor says I believe once we get connected, then we can’t separate. Dadisaa says can I ask you something. Kapoor asks her to ask freely. Dadisaa says you met Abhi and Ria yesterday and then came here early morning. She asks if there is any reason for your arrival. I can see clearly that there is something. Mr. Kapoor gets up and touches her feet. He says I would not have come here with Abhi and Ria. He says Abhi wants to cancel the deal. Rukmani says Abhi didn’t say anything to us. Why he will cancel the deal. Mr. Kapoor says Abhi doesn’t want to do the partnership with him. Rukmani asks for the reason. Mr. Kapoor says I also got married, but never allowed my wife to speak in business matter. Raman asks what did Ria do? Kapoor says Abhi is upset with me because of Ria. He tells that Ria had enough drinks in the night. Everyone is shocked.

Mr. Kapoor calls Abhi and asks him to bring Anushka there. Abhi says your Anushka has eloped. Mr. Kapoor asks Abhi to bring Anushka within 5 hours or get ready to see his family killed.

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