Tum Aise Hi Rehna 9th April 2015 Written Update *Last Episode*

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Tum Aise Hi Rehna 9th April 2015 Written Update by MA

Tum Aise Hi Rehna 9th April 2015 Written Episode

Abhi is asked to fill in the details for meeting the Minister. The Receptionist apologizes to him and says it is a protocol to get the details of the visitors. Kapoor says it is very much needed for the records. The security guards checks Abhi and Kapoor. He asks about the painting. Kapoor says it is a gift and tells Receptionist. She asks the receptionist to let them go. Nisha asks Ria to bring Abhi’s photo and says his photo is needed to flash on the news channels saying Abhi Maheshwari killed the Minister. She threatens Ria to hurt her family members, so Ria goes to bring the photo. Sheetal brings the rod and proceeds towards Nisha. Nisha is taking her selfie and sees Sheetal coming towards her. Nisha attacks her instead and holds her neck. Ria comes and reminds of her promise that she won’t hurt anyone. Nisha says she tried to kill me, so she will be gone.

Abhi and Kapoor meet the Minister. He says he signed and prays Abhi’s resort gets famous. Kapoor asks Minister to pose photo with Abhi. He agrees. Kapoor clicks their photo and gives the painting. Minister asks why did you bring and calls Abhi as his son. Abhi feels helpless and thinks he don’t deserve his love. Abhi takes his blessing. They walk towards outside. Abhi says he will give him money and names his resort on his name. He asks him not to kill the Minister. Kapoor asks him to stop talking and says he will activate the bomb. He activates the bomb. Abhi says you will not be spared after taking many lives. Kapoor says you should be happy that your family is saved. Abhi snatches his phone and throws in the air.

Kapoor gets it back and says your Minister is gone now. He is about to activate the bomb, just the Police comes and shoots at him. They thank Abhi. Kapoor says it means you……Abhi says what you have thought that I will help you. I will not let my nation or family die. Nisha gets worried and calls Kapoor and Abhi, and wonders why they are not picking the call. She sees Ria missing and says I know your son betrayed us. I will kill everyone. She points gun at family members. Ria hits her on her head. Police comes and arrests her. Ria takes out gun from Rukmani’s lap. Ria tells Nisha that you thought to make us desh drohi, but you are wrong. She asks the Police to take her.

Kapoor asks so you have done, but how? I was with you all the time. Abhi says you might be surprised. What do you think that you can only do planning. He moves and shows Anushka. Kapoor says so you are the snake in the sleeve. Abhi asks him to talk with respect and says she is govt witness. You will be hanged because of her. Anushka was free and agreed to Ria’s sayings. Kapoor calls her betrayal. Anushka slaps him and says you are betrayal of humanity and nation. You made me widow and ruined my respect. Abhi says devil can’t stay in our house as Kanha ji stays in our home. Police thanks him and takes Kapoor.

Rukmani and her family pray to God. She gives aarti to Ria and Abhi and blesses them. Abhi asks about her teary eyes. Rukmani says it is happy tears. Ria says we shall apologize to you. Rukmani says I didn’t trust you. I would not have turned my face from my kids. Kailash says what you were saying. Rukmani says even elders can do mistake. Kailash says he wanted to hear this. Abhi says we have to find a new investor for our resort expansion. Kailash says it will be fulfilled and talks about family’s strength. Later Abhi hugs Ria and asks what my heart is saying. Ria says that you loves me. Abhi asks what your heart is replying. Ria says tum Aise Hi Rehna……..They look at each other lovingly and hug while the song Tum Aise Hi Rehna plays……………The show ends.

The Show ended on a happy note.

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  1. kitty
    April 10, 17:11 Reply

    anybody what happened to abhi brother who shown in their marriege i don’t know becuase i was not watching this show

    • MA
      April 15, 10:09

      The makers didn’t show Jatin in any of the recent episodes. The show ended abruptly. They might have shown Rukmani forgiving Jatin and bringing him back home, but sadly that didn’t happen.

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