Tum Saath Ho Jab Apne 26th September 2014 Written Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab Apne 26th September 2014 Written Update by Pooja

Tum Saath Ho Jab Apne 26th September 2014 Written Episode

From inside the school, Waqar notices Choti Ammi outside a school that too with their new neighbour.

Mariam is feeling bad to have hurt Imran unintentionally. You are a good human being. If you leave this locality then I wont be able to forgive myself ever. Imran sits back in the auto without saying anything.

Saba is talking to her friend. I was about to be caught as the mall’s opening was shown live on tv. Ammi was about to see the news when. She stops as she notices her Abbu standing nearby. He too is looking pointedly at her. saba greets him. He demands to know who she was talking to. Did you go to any mall today? Nasima tries to interrupt but he doesn’t let her talk. Why would she go to a mall? She had gone to college and since she is back, she has been with Naima. She hugs her daughter while Younis talks about some Miraj. He said that he saw Saba on tv, that too wearing jeans and top. Nasima wonders why he has a problem with their kids. Where would Saba get jeans and top from? Salman Baig comes and they all change the topic. He is hungry. Tell your Choti Ammi to set the table. He gets to know that Mariam is not at home right now which confuses Younis. Where is she at this hour? He asks Nasima who tries to divert the topic but he stays firm. She has sent Mariam to deposit the fees for the kids in their school. He gets upset. You said you will send your bhaijaan for that work. She replies that he had some work so she sent Mariam instead or they would have to pay late fees. Younis doesn’t like it that she sent Mariam out. You could have called me. Salman baig calms him. what’s wrong in it? she has gone alone so she will get to learn more about life. She has gone to school only.

Just then the house is filled with kids’ laughter as they come home with Mariam and Jamaal. They hug their Dadajaan excitedly and then greet others too. Younis is as always irked with Jamaal but he doesn’t mind it. Younis points out that his shayari is a waste of time. If you would have focused on your work properly then you would have not been suspended today. Salman Baig tells Mariam to set the table. the kids go to change the clothes. Rehmat Bi comes to tell them about their new neighbour leaving this house. Altaf was buying empty cartons from the scrap dealer to pack his stuff. Nasima gets happy while Mariam has heard it too and feels bad about it.

Altaf is indeed packing his stuff when Imran comes back. I have started packing as I know you wont change your decision. The work will go pending for the last day otherwise. I only will talk to the tempo guy and to Shameem Bhai as well as he will start looking for another tenant then. We are shifting, right? He is really happy to know that the owner of the other house has said no to Imran. Why to get in this trouble? Allah wants us to stay here only so we should oblige. Shall I go and return the cartons? Imran stays put. We will find another house. I had a word with Ashraf. You can continue with your packing. Altaf comes back to pack the cartons sadly.

Everyone is seated at the dining table. Salman Baig talks about an impending wedding in Amroha. Salim Bhai will be upset. They all had come in Tauseef’s wedding. Younis cannot go as his work will be affected. Jamaal offers to go but Younis is anyways against it. Nasima is happy to know that Imran is leaving from their locality. Even Younis talks against him. Saba calls him just. Waqar too spills out that he had come to drop Choti Ammi to school. Younis is taken aback. Everyone looks at Mariam in amazement. Younis asks her about it. Mariam tells them about what happened with her and how Imran saved her. nasima calls him a goon, a drunkard. Najma too takes Imran’s side. he is a teacher. Younis tells her to be quiet. Salman Baig cannot take it anymore. We should be thankful to him but here we are calling him a drunkard, goon. We should go to his house to thank him. Jamaal agree with him. let us go. Nasima tries to stop him but Salman Baig corrects her. we are not going to a drunk man’s house but to actually thank a guy who has saved the dignity of our house today. Younis and Nasima look down, all quiet. It is our responsibility to go and thank him. He turns to Younis. I will go if you don’t find it right. Younis has no option but to go.

Imran is talking to Ashraf regarding the house. We have to shift from here asap. Altaf talks to him about how tough it is for bachelors to find a new house. Leave all this stubbornness. Even that girl has stopped troubling you now. She does not even come near the window. Plus her Ammi too was saying that she will keep Najma away from you. We should not go. Imran recalls Mariam’s words as well and gets thinking. Altaf asks him to say his thoughts loudly for him to hear. Talk to me sometimes.

Younis and Jamaal come there. Jamaal wanted to go straight inside but Younis knocks on the door like a decent guy. Altaf and Imran are surprised to see them there. They are welcomed inside. Imran too greets them. younis notices the empty liquor bottle and talks in somewhat curt tones. Jamaal praises Imran and Altaf for being saviours. Your Mamujaan saved my life while you saved my bhabhijaan’s life. Altaf had no clue about it. Jamaal tells him about it. altaf is surprised. Jamaal tells Younis to speak something as well. He finally thanks Imran for helping Mariam. Imran replies that if emotions / feelings are in some person then he wont think before saving a woman’s dignity. This is not a thing to be thanked for. Jamaal is impressed with him. He invites Imran and Altaf for dinner while Younis is certainly taken aback by this invitation. Imran politely refuses them for it but Jamaal continues to insist. Younis tells him not to force them as they might be busy. On the other hand, Altaf accepts the invitation. Jamaal forces Younis to invite them, with a smile. Poor Younis has to oblige. Altaf compliments his smile. Jamaal calls them lucky as Younis smiles once in a blue moon only. Altaf offers them tea but they ppolitely decline and head back to their home. Altaf turns to Imran. What did you do? He walks off while Altaf compliments him for what he has done.

All the kids are sitting around Mariam. The kids are angry with the other guy for misbehaving with Mariam. She smiles at their ideas of how they would have hurt that guy if they were there.

Altaf is busy in deciding what to wear tonight. Imran notices them thus. Altaf tells him what he is up to. They are very nice people. You helped them once and they invited you over dinner. This is such a good locality and you want to go from here? I wont go. He agrees when Imran gives him his usual angry stare. Altaf is happy that he will get to eat there. I was wishing for this moment only. It all happened because of you. If the fragrance that comes from their house is so good then the food will surely be delicious. Imran continues with his drink all the while avoiding his Mamu. Altaf asks him to change and get ready.

Nasima is irked to know about the dinner invitation. Younis puts the blame on Jamaal but Salman Baig likes it. The kids hear it and curious about who is coming over for dinner. Mariam and Najma are happy to know that Imran is coming to their house. Nasima wonders why she is so happy about it. Salman Baig tells her to think before talking. Jamaal dismisses it. Salman Baig tells Mariam to cook something special today for their guest. Mariam nods. Salman Baig remarks that he feels a different connection with Imran after knowing that he has taken my Tauseef’s place. Mariam, Younis and Nasima are a bit shocked by his words.

Precap: All the men are seated at the dining table while Mariam serves them food. Salman Baig is talking to Imran. Najma lost her father in such a young age. Who can understand it better than me! Najma looks sad. Younis asks Imran about his daughter out of curiosity. Imran looks at him angrily.

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