Twenty Four (24) 14th December 2013 Written Update

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Twenty Four (24) 14th December 2013 Written Update

By hacking certified files, Mihir finds out that it was Vikrant who accessed information about criminals in park. He shows that to Niki and Gill. Niki and Gill call Aditya and tells him about it. They ask him to be careful from him. They also talk to him about Sood not allowing them to give Bala to Ravindran in return of Jai. Later, Adtiya calls Sood and asks if it’s not true that if there is anyone who can catch Ravindran, then its Jai. Sood eventually gives permission to Gill.

Niki receives a call from Veer’s academy who informs Niki about dupe Raunak. Helicopter has already landed and Veer leaves Mumbai’s academy base with dupe Raunak before captain from Veer’s academy calls their Mumbai academy base.

Aditya goes to Vikrant and keeps him busy so he can check his phone. He notes down the number whom Vikrant was calling again and again. He later gives this to Niki, and Niki to Mihir. Mihir finds out that it’s the same number from which Ravidran called to Gill. This proves that Vikrant is indeed involved with LTFE. Niki informs Aditya about this and asks him to be very careful. Later, Aditya is informed that Prithvi has gone out with Vikrant somewhere. Aditya gets confused.

Ravidran and Raja all come to some Ravidran’s friend’s house. While they are busy in dinner and stuff, Jai smartly cuts the rope and opens his hands. He puts a knife around home owner’s daughter’s neck and blackmails Ravidran to let him go, but it has no effect on Ravidran and as he himself shoots the girl. Jai and also the girl’s father is shocked. Before girl’s father does anything, Ravidran shoots him as well. Jai is stunned seeing Ravidran killing his own friend. Later Jai is even more shocked when dupe Raunak brings Veer there. Ravidran takes Jai and Veer and leaves from there with his troops.

Other side, Gill and Tej leave the hospital with Bala. They have placed tracking devices on Bala.

Jai is tied up by them with a handcuff in some quiet place. Ravidran and his troops come at Raja’s place with Veer. Raja tells Ravidran that he will go and get Bala and asks him to stay there.

Raja meets Gill and Tej. Gill asks about Jai. Raja says there is a change in plan now as they didn’t bring Jai with them. Gill and Tej just keep watching and Raja takes Bala and leaves.

Niki is tracking where Raja is taking Bala, but then Raja finds and removes all tracking devices.

Jai is finally freed. He receives a call from Ravidran who asks him to go to the restaurant where Aditya is staying.

That’s about it in this episode.

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