Twenty Four (24) 23rd November 2013 Written Update

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Twenty Four (24) 23rd November 2013 Written Update by mahi12

Twenty Four (24) 23rd November 2013 Written Episode

Abhilasha leaves ATU as Jai got his position back.

With the help of an agent who worked with Jai for their Sri Lankan mission, ATU get half pictures (as he is killed before file transfer completes) of suspects that might be involved in Aditya’s assassination plan. From those half pictures, ATU figures out rest of the faces and sends all three suspects’ pictures to Aditya’s place and to Niki.

At Aditya’s place, Bhagwat shows those pictures to all security and Adtiya’s staff. Puja gets scared as third suspect is Bala, her boyfriend. She leaves from there. Adtiya notices it and he follows her. Puja is crying very badly. Aditya calms her down and tells her what happened. Puja tells him everything. Adtiya gives this information to Jai. Jai tells him not to tell anyone else beside Bhagwat and asks Bhagwat to send Puja to ATU.

Jai and Sood plan to use Puja to reach to Bala as he doesn’t know that his identity is exposed. Puja first disagrees, but in end, she agrees for Aditya as she respects him a lot and has never seen anyone like Adtiya. She seems very heart broken after knowing Bala never loved her, and just used her to reach his goal.

Niki is asking questions to Trisha first about what she saw at Yakub’s hideout. During their discussion, Trishta gets hint that Jai had affair with none other than Niki. She keeps questioning Niki about her affair in spite of Nik saying that there is just a professional relationship between them now. Later when Niki is questioning Kiran, she gets quiet when Rohit’s photo comes. Trisha sends Kiran away and again questions Niki about her affair. Niki gives up and decides to leave from there.

Shortly after Niki leaves, fake Max enters and kill all agents one by one. One agent realizes that they are in danger so he takes Trisha and Kiran with him, and they to run away. They succeed, but in end the agent gets shot by fake Max and car has an accident.

Other hand, Aditya’s family arrives at the rally. Adtiya is still at the restaurant. Prithvi comes there with recording of his mother confessing that she planned with KK to kill Mehek. Adtiya asks him if he’s sure he wants to do this. Prithvi says she is his mother, but also a murderer.

Jai gets ready to leave with Puja and right then Niki arrives. Jai asks her why she is here when he told her to be with Trisha and Kiran. Niki assures him that Trisha and Kiran are safe. Jai takes her with him as well.

Other side, before ATU agent reaches Jai’s son academy, he is murdered in mid way.

Precap: Jai tells Aditya about his plan. Aditya warns him that Puja is like a family member to him, and if anything happens to her, then only Jai will be responsible.
Puja meets Bala. Bala gifts her a necklace. Jai and Niki are watching everything on a TV. Jai figures out their plan. Niki asks what is it? Jai says that the bomb is inside that necklace.
Fake Max informs Raja that Kiran and Trisha are dead. Raja asks sure? Fake Max says their dead bodies are in front of him. ATU agent, Trisha, and Kiran are hanging outside/on the car, but not sure if they are really dead.

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