Udaan 12th June 2019 Written Update

Udaan 12th June 2019 Written Update by Amena

Udaan 12th June 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ranvijay showing Anjor to a Sheikh. Anjor asks why is this uncle staring at me. Ranvijay says he is a good man, don’t worry, go. She goes playing. The man leaves. Bua asks who was this man, Chakor can come anytime to take her daughter. Ranvijay says don’t strain your mind, I have sold Anjor to Sheikh, he will take her. Bua asks how is she useful now. Ranvijay says her organs are working, even if she got mad. She says wow, you have played a big game. He laughs. Chakor comes there. Manoj stops her and says we have to save Anjor by some plan, don’t go in, you will get killed. Chakor says fine, I will do as you are saying, keep the door open at night, once I take my daughter out, everything will be fine. He says fine, if you make any mistake, then the result won’t be good. She leaves.

Bua gets angry seeing Anjor and leaves the food. Anjor asks her to have food.
Bua asks her to go and have food. Anjor insists. Bua throws the food plate and scolds her. Anjor cries. Anjor talks to Sameer’s pic and asks when will you come, we will play with this doll. Chakor comes there. Ranvijay goes to get water. He gets angry on servants. He sees the main door open. He locks it up. He says what’s happening, everyone is sleeping. Chakor hears footsteps and hides. Ranvijay comes to Anjor’s room. He sees her sleeping. He goes. Chakor cries meeting Anjor. Anjor holds her hand in sleep. Chakor says I will never leave your hand. Anjor wakes up and sees Chakor.

She asks who are you, why did you come here. Chakor says don’t get scared, I m your mum, I got halwa for you. She feeds it to Anjor. Anjor likes it. She recalls Ranvijay’s words and gets a knife. Chakor asks her to leave it, she is her mum. Anjor’s hand gets cut. Chakor worries. Bua and Ranvijay come and see Anjor hurt. Chakor says Anjor needs a doctor. He scolds Chakor.

Ranvijay says your daughter hates you, why do you come here, just go. Chakor scolds him. He does shayari and laughs. He says you don’t lose ever, its good thing, do anything, but you can’t save Anjor from me. She says being so proud isn’t good. He says Anjor will be going Dubai, I have sold Anjor to Sheikh. She gets shocked. She shouts Ranvijay. He says you should thank me. She asks what will you do. He says thank me that I didn’t put her in brothel, I m selling her organs, that’s more profitable. She gets shocked and pushes him. She says you are an animal. He says yes, I m, thanks. He goes laughing and shuts the door. She shouts leave my daughter. Chakor prays for Anjor and recalls Sameer and Anjor. She says I know what to do. She smiles.

Chakor takes a disguise and asks Anjor will she become Sita. Anjor agrees and goes with her Ranvijay looks for Anjor.

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