Udaan 28th February 2015 Written Update

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Udaan 28th February 2015 Written Update by Amena

Udaan 28th February 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bhuvan telling Chakor about his dad’s death, he was not with him, Kasturi did everything alone. He says when our loved one goes far from where he can’t be back, our heart does not get peace ever, what you are doing is you can resume your Satyagrah, but if Baa dies there, then she will never come back. Kasturi asks Chakor to lighten her heart and cry as much she wants. Chakor is in shock. Everyone cry. Chakor thinks to meet Baa. She takes Bapu’s pic. She recalls Ishwar’s words and runs to go hospital. She goes to hospital and asks doctor about haveli’s Dadi. The doctor says she is here, and is serious. Chakor says I will meet her, I m Chakor. He is glad and asks her to go and meet her.

Bhaiya ji stops her saying she is responsible for my mum’s state, send her away, she can’t meet my Amma. He says if she did not do this Satyagrah, Amma would have been fine, get lost. Chakor says no, Dadi can’t leave us, let me meet her, I will stop her. Bhaiya ji asks them to see what is she saying, mad girl, my mum is dying today because of her. Chakor requests him to allow her, and he pushes her on the floor. She gets hurt.

Bhaiya ji tells her to be careful, as his anger can ruin her, he will not leave her, and no one will support or save her now. Chakor thinks what to do and sees Dadi from far. She recalls about Baa/Dadi and dheere dheere…………….plays………….. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini smile.

Chakor goes to the hospital’s temple and prays to Lord to save Dadi. Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini to tell Ranjana to stop Manohar from saying this to anyone, else it can go against us too. Kasturi comes to Chakor and asks what is she doing here. Chakor says Dadi is going, I can stop her, I won’t let her go, Bhaiya ji did not allow me to meet her. Ishwar says he will call the best doctors and try to save her.

Chakor asks what if Dadi dies. Kasturi says no, we all will pray for her, nothing will happen to her. Chakor does the aarti and prays. Everyone in the village also pray and Imli does the aarti. Deva Shree Ganesha……………plays……….. Dadi says Chakor. Ranjana brings Vivaan to her and they see her in such state. Vivaan runs to get Chakor.

Bhaiya ji tells Lakhan to do Amma’s last rites in grand way. Vivana hears them and says Dadi is still alive. She is taking Chakor’s name, I m taking her there. Bhaiya ji says you can’t take her. Tejaswini says let him fulfill her last wish, take her. Baa’s heartbeat goes flat. The doctor says she is no more, I m sorry. Manohar comes and is shocked. He shouts Amma and cries. Vivaan asks doctor to do something, as she took Chakor’s name just now. He says open eyes Dadi, see Chakor came. He asks Ranjana what happened to her, and asks Baa to get up.

Chakor talks to Dadi and says you can’t go anywhere leaving me. She asks who will support her now in her Satyagrah, they will not get education now, don’t go Dadi and holds her hand. Ishwar asks her to leave her hand. Chakor asks Dadi to get up and shakes her. Baa holds her hand and they all are shocked by this miracle.

Ishwar shows the doctor to see her fingers moving. The doctor treats Baa and Chakor says she will erase the stamp by Dadi’s support, she knows Dadi will not go anywhere leaving her. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai……………..plays……….. They all smile.

Bhaiya ji sees Chakor and Vivaan sitting in the hospital. The doctor says your mum is out of danger. Bhaiya ji thanks him. The doctor says thank this little innocent angel Chakor, whose prayers have got your mum from Yamraaj. Bhaiya ji looks at Chakor angrily.

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