Udaan 31st December 2014 Written Update

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Udaan 31st December 2014 Written Update by Amena

Udaan 31st December 2014 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kasturi crying thinking about Chakor. She says Chakor sacrificed and I did not see anyone doing this. She gets her chunni of Lord’s blessings and cries. She recalls Chakor removing it infront of the villagers. Chakor tries erasing Udaan and could not. The moon light lightens the dark room. She cages the Udaan and tells the moon that she has caged the Udaan, she felt what she did is right, and what others is wrong, but I came to know I was wrong, and I can’t reach moon and you can’t come down. She says we can never meet, and gets upse. Mai baton sabko ujaale…………. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…………………..plays………………… Kasturi ties the Lord’s blessings chunni to the tree and prays for Chakor and her flight to never stop.

The bird flies towards the moon, and Kasturi sees it and smiles. She thanks the Lord and says I completely trust you. She says always protect my Chakor, save her from this problem. Imli comes there and sees the diya. She says Maai, what are you doing here. She asks why is she praying to Lord now, Lord will be sleeping now, did you not hear what Chakor said, that Lord does not leave anyone and he gave us this sign on our wrist. Kasturi wipes her tears and says no, don’t say this, Chakor was angry and said this. She says Lord helps everyone always, and if we were not poor, Chakor would have been heer with us. Imli asks is they poor if they don’t have money. Kasturi says yes.

Imli says Chakor said we can erase poverty by education. Kasturi says education is very heloful, Chakor said right, its cold here, come with me, lets go home. She covers Imli in her shawl and takes her. Its morning, Vivaan comes to see Chakor and does not find her. He says where did Chakor go at this time, and sees the chains. He sees the word Udaan written on the wall and caged. He says Chakor feels she can stop her flight by putting her flight in cage, I won’t let this happen, but I m adamant like her too. He erases the cage and frees the word Udaan.

He meets Chakor and asks her not to do maid work, its Laali and Girja’s work. Chakor says move from here, I m cleaning and you are spoiling the place, go from here, I have to clean floor before puja starts. Vivaan looks on and says I was thinking that you used to work with enthusiasm and happily like game, and double work, while dancing. He shows her dancing. She recalls in FB. She says she will get tired and she can’t, as she has much work. He says many people are here to work. She asks him to leave.

Tejaswini and Bhaiya ji see Chakor working and doing maid work and are very happy, and have pity on Vivaan whose efforts gave failed. Imli sees the icecream vendor come and smiles. She sees money with Dadi. Dadi sees the coins and says Imli, I would have got icecream for you, but I have to buy flour,I saved it for it. Imli says I don’t want icecream. The boy asks for icercream. The man asks for money and not give anyone on loan. He pushed the boy. Imli helps the boy and scolds the man.

He says if I give one today, they will daily take it on loan, nothing works without money in this world. Dadi asks Imli to come. Imli tells Billu that she will get something for him, and leaves thinking about money importance and the man’s words. Baa talks to Vivaan about the Charkha. Vivaan says Chakor is working so hard and not even talking to me. Baa says she will not understand anyone now. She is punishing herself. Vivaan asks will she not become like old Chakor. Baa says this Chakor does not have even shadow of old Chakor, it looks tough for her too become like old one. Vivaan asks what should I do, accept my failure and let Chakor be like this. Baa recalls Chakor’s words. She says I can’t leave her like this and can’t fail, and is determined. She says we have to do something that she becomes the old Chakor again and take flight. Vivaan smiles and says yes Dadi.

Arjun sees the kids and says alright, its fine, we will try again tomorrow, you should do five rounds, lets meet tomorrow. He recalls Chakor and her super talent. He gets a call and says I m coming in 15 mins. Ishwar comes to meet him. Arjun says good to see you after many days, I hope you and Aditya, Chakor are all fine. Ishwar smiles and says yes, they are fine. Arjun says that’s good. Ishwar says I m going somewhere, I m getting late. Ishwar says you failed easily by your ex student. Arjun stops and looks at him.

Arjun says what is he saying, he has lost respect because of Chakor. He says I tried hard to do much for her, but she was thankless and run like a coward without telling me, I was mistaken to do this for her. Whatever I did, I don’t want to recollect. He says I got more talented boy than her, who broke Chakor’s record, so I m not missing Chakor. He does not meet Ishwar’s eyes and says I will go. Ishwar says then why did you put Chakor’s record breaking timings everywhere. Arjun stops and sees the paper. He says how did he get this. Chakor works and cleans the room. She sees books and recalls her school days. Dheere dheer chaun me rang banke………………….plays……………..She recalls Ishwar’s encouragement and Bhaiya ji’s deal.

Chakor asks education to be away from her. Ishwar says I felt you will help me. Arjun says I m sorry, this is your and Chakor’s fight, I can’t help you.

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