Udaariyaan 4th June 2024 Written Update

Udaariyaan 4th June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Udaariyaan 4th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Haniya asking Meher why did she snatch his job from him and asks why she hates men, and asks how he will bear his family member’s expenses. Meher asks if she has done research on him rather than farming. Haniya says she had gone to his house to thank him, as he saved her from the goons outside the wine shop. Aasma comes there and asks what happened? Meher says just sister’s talk. She tells Haniya that the guy came between them. Haniya says no guy is coming, you are wrong. Meher says she will get the gift which she has ordered from London. She says this event is important for me. Sarab comes there and shouts calling Meher Gill. He throws the table. Sukhi says he will call PS. Haniya says he had only saved me. Meher comes there and tells him that he and his family can’t pay her for the loss which he did now. She threatens to call Police,. He calls Police and asks Meher to tell, she snatches people’s jobs. He warns her and leaves. Sukhi, Rano and Aasma get worried. Aasma says she has to take a decision.

Munni comes to the vegetable shop and asks him to bring frozen food so that they can buy. She shows the money, Just then she hears Haniya asking her daughter about Sarab. Sarab gives head massage to his sister. Haniya comes there and thanks him for saving her, and apologizes on Meher’s behalf. She then offers him the job. He refuses as Meher is the boss. Later Munni emotionally blackmails Sarab to agree and tells that she will do household work. Sarab refuses to let her work. Haniya is in the farm and sees a guy bringing Sarab’s bike. She calls Aasma and gets shocked.

Meher comes to the office and gets angry seeing Sarab. Sarab says this is his first day today. Meher asks who has hired him. Sarab says Aasma madam offered him job, so he took over. He says he will not bear if she does anything wrong.

Precap: Meher asks Sarab to attach hooks to the blouses for the order. Sarab says to her that he is here to work and will do whatever is asked.

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