Udaariyaan 5th June 2024 Written Update

Udaariyaan 5th June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Udaariyaan 5th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aasma telling Meher that she has hired Sarab. Meher says you don’t know him. Aasma says he is good and had doubled Kakkar’s company’s sales. She asks her to give him sales dept. Meher comes to Sarab and tells that she will give him finishing dept and asks him to wear the uniform. Haniya informs Aasma about Meher giving finishing dept to Sarab. Rano says Meher is Armaan’s daughter. Aasma says even Haniya is his daughter, but both are different. Rano says Haniya will handle Meher. Haniya takes Sarab to finishing dept. She sees Shakti and asks why you didn’t give blankets and other things to orphanage. Shakti says he doesn’t have time and asks her to do it herself. Meher comes there and scolds him. Shakti says he will do the work and goes. Sarab tells Haniya that he agreed to do job due to her Mummy and his Mummy, else working here is like a punishment. Haniya says something went in her eye. He asks if she had played in soil as it is applied on her clothes. She says she is an organic farmer and was testing pesticide in it. He asks if you are scientist. She says no, organic farmer. He makes her wash her face.

Later Haniya tells Rano aboiut Meher. Meher asks him to do the work and stitch the hooks to the blouses. He says he will do work. Haniya asks Meher how he will do it. Meher says it is not her problem. Sarab is stitching the blouse. Haniya says it is 5 pm. He says he will do it. Haniya tells that Meher and Mamma have worked harder for this company. Munni calls Sarab and ask him to come to the location fast. Haniya says she will come with him. He comes out and asks guard about the bus. Haniya says she has a more better idea and shows shiny. He gets happy and hugs Shiny. She gives him keys and tells that the money will be cut from his salary. Sarab takes the keys and asks if she can sit on the back seat. She says yes. They come to the place. Munni asks Sarab to participate in the race and says the winner will get two gold chains which you can give to your sisters. He says ok and asks whom I will keep on my back to participate in the race. Munni signs at Haniya.

Precap: Sarab picks Haniya and runs and wins the race. Meher walks in to give them price.

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