Udaariyaan 8th February 2024 Written Update

Udaariyaan 8th February 2024 Written Update by Amena

Udaariyaan 8th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aasma getting Zain’s call. Zain says Ammi… She says Zain… He says save my dad. She thinks Murtazan and Zain are alive. She asks where are you. He says near the market. She asks which market, do you see any board around, tell me. The man takes Zain out of the PCO. Aasma calls back. She says Murtazan is alive, I have to find them. Sukhi asks Armaan to come. Aasma says Armaan, I have imp work, I will just come. Armaan says you said, you will come with me. She says you go, I promise, I will come. She goes. He sees her chain and locket fallen on the ground. He picks it. Baby asks where are you going. Aasma says I left my phone, can you handle things at Gurudwara, I will come in sometime. Baby says no need, if you come, I will kick you out. Zain feels hungry and sees some samosas at the stall. He says I m hungry, give me a samosa. The man scolds him and asks him to run. Zain takes the samosas and runs. A beggar catches Zain and takes the samosas. Zain says give it to me, I m hungry, my dad is also hungry. The man asks shall I give you to police, do as I say. He shows the kids begging. Aasma is on the way. Inspector gets Aasma’s news. She says we have to go there and check. Aasma asks about Zain. The man says he left. Aasma goes. inspector comes and looks for Aasma. Aasma sees Zain. She thinks to do something. She asks the constables to help her. She goes to Zain. The beggar runs away. She hugs Zain.

She asks where is dad. He says he is at the Mazaar. She takes him. Armaan and Alia sit for the Chunni rasam. Aasma is shocked seeing Murtazan. Zain says wake up, Ammi has come. Murtazan sees Aasma. Armaan says Aasma promised she will come. Baby asks the man to start the rasam. Aasma asks Zain to get water for Murtazan. She asks Murtazan how is he. She says I will take you to hospital and call the police. He says no, you won’t do this, police will arrest us, I don’t know I will get saved or not, but Zaid…. He can’t get out of the jail. Armaan calls Aasma. He recalls Aasma’s words. He does the rituals with Alia. Aasma thinks I had promised Armaan, sorry, I can’t leave them here.

Murtazan says you have to find some other way if you want to help us, swear on Zain. Armaan makes Alia wear the chunri. He asks Sukhi is he happy now. He asks shall we go home now. The police comes there and sees Aasma praying at some grave. Murtazan and Zain hide. Police leaves. Aasma prays to Peer Baba. She thinks of some way to save them. She runs to them. Alia smiles seeing Armaan. Baby says I m supporting you only for this baby. Aasma brings Murtazan and Zain home. She says I will talk to Armaan about you both. Murtazan says we are enemies, I don’t want your family to get into trouble, let us go. She says no, its my duty to save your life, you saved Armaan and my life. Armaan comes shouting. Alia asks where are you going. He asks who are you to ask me. Alia says your wife, we got married today, I won’t let you ruin this day. Armaan says shut up, don’t act in front of me, you are my namesake wife, Aasma is my real love, real wife. Murtazan hears everything. Alia says no, I won’t let you go to Aasma. Rano says Armaan, stop, your relation joined just now. Armaan throws the pagdi. He leaves. Aasma thinks to talk to Armaan.

The episode ends

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