Udne Ki Aasha 10th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 10th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Udne Ki Aasha 10th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Paresh and Renu coming to Aaji’s house. He worries seeing Sayali hurt and asks what happened. Aaji says car has hit her. He asks what. Sayali says I will be fine soon. He asks Aaji to see Renu. Aaji jokes. Sachin comes and hugs Paresh. Aaji asks him to see Renu. Sachin jokes and says there is a Chudail behind you. Paresh says she is your mum, she is not less than a ghost. Sachin says she tells that she will never come to Aaji’s village, how did she come today. Paresh says she said she will come, so I got her. Sachin says something is wrong. He asks why did you come. Renu asks what problem do you have. Sachin says you have come here for a motive. Aaji says let her come, don’t ask her many questions. She asks Renu to come. Renu asks Sayali is it hurting. Sayali says yes. Sachin asks why did you come here, tell me. Paresh says don’t ask her again and again. He takes Sachin along. Its morning, Sachin sees Sayali. They argue. Aaji asks Paresh to take the jackfruit when he goes. He asks her to distribute it to the villagers. Renu takes care of Sayali. Everyone is surprised.

Renu asks Aaji to sit well. Sachin says Renu is giving respect to Sayali, something is wrong, she is behaving sweet. Aaji says you are lucky to get Sayali as your bahu, I m glad Renu has come, Tejas and Akash should have come too. Renu says they had work. Aaji says come with the entire family after Tejas’ marriage, we will go to Kuldevi temple. Renu says yes, I will come. Sachin asks why. Renu says this is my house also, my Sasural, my gravprahesh happened in this house. Sachin says she is behaving weird. Aaji asks Sayali to go and take rest. Renu says I will take you, come. She takes Sayali. Sachin says I can’t understand this, Renu is captured by some spirit. Paresh says no, ghosts are scared of her. Sachin asks why did she come here. Paresh says forget it. Sachin says answer me. He goes to ask Aaji. Aaji says get happy if she has come. He says if she acts sweet, then how will I get happy, she never talks to anyone. Aaji says I m making soup for Sayali, I m busy. He says I will go and ask Sayali. He says dad tells that you are sensible, can’t you see and understand what is happening, why did Renu come here, she has changed. Sayali says yes. He asks her to think and tell. Sayali says whatever the reason, she is here, the reason doesn’t matter. He says you have an empty mind. He goes. He asks Azoba about it. He says I don’t understand. Riya eats the food. She calls Akash. She says you have never failed to amaze me. He says I feel you lie. She asks why, don’t you trust yourself. He says no, someone has put sugar in the salt box, I adjusted it, but I guessed its too late. She says I like it, you should add it on the menu. He says done, I will put the dish on your name, what’s your name. She says even I don’t know your name, what’s the hurry, give it some time. He says don’t be embarrassed, tell me. She says my name and face changes everything. He asks where do you work. She says let it be a suspense. She sends a gift for him. He smiles seeing the coffee mug. She asks him to use the mug. He says no, this will go in shelf. She says keep it in the restaurant entrance. He says no, restaurant isn’t mine, I just finished studies, I m doing internship here, I have a plan to start my own restaurant. She says superb, I will be your fav customer. He says yes, you are the best customer I have. She smiles.

Renu argues with Paresh. She says Aaji won’t give me money if I ask. He asks her to become a good bahu, learn it from Sayali, we are here for 2 days, impress Aaji, she will give you anything you want. She says I m doing this for Tejas. She goes. Sachin comes and says I know why Renu has come here, she got a change of heart, did she get any disease, tell me.

Paresh says you think she is sick, she is fit and fine, she has come to meet Aaji, go and ask her why. Sachin goes to Renu and asks did you come to meet Aaji. Renu says yes. He says swear on Tejas. She asks him to go away. He says why did she come here. Shubha and Juhi talk about Sachin and his brothers. Akash comes and says surprise…

Juhi asks how did you come. Akash says I thought to meet you and go. Shubha asks him to have breakfast. Akash says I will make it. Juhi asks did you lose your job. He says no, I thought to buy sweets, then I thought I will make breakfast for you. Shubha asks Juhi to stop him. Juhi says let him cook. She goes to help him. He asks for ingredients.

Renu goes to Sayali and acts sweet. She asks how do you manage all this, Sasubai said you are a nice bahu. Sayali says Aaji can tell that. Renu asks what’s there in your behavior that she likes you, tell me, I also want to do all that, what happened. Sayali asks will you do household work. Renu says I will do, you are hurt, just tell me. Sayali tells her the tasks. Renu gets tired hearing a long list. She shuts her ears. Sayali asks what happened, I asked you for one day work, you are telling a week’s tasks. Sayali says no, its for one day. Renu says if I do all this…. Sachin comes and looks on. Sayali says there are much work to do. Sachin asks what is going on here. Renu asks why do you ask. He says I m talking to my wife, Sayali. Sayali says Renu was asking me about the household work, so I was telling it. Sachin asks what. Renu asks why, can’t I do household work. He goes to Paresh and says Renu is saying she will do household work, something is wrong. Paresh says its fine. Sachin asks why. Paresh goes. Sachin says Renu is going to do something.

Renu says don’t tell Aaji that you made the food. Sayali refuses. Renu scolds her. Sayali asks her to become good for real.

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