Udne Ki Aasha 2nd April 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 2nd April 2024 Written Update by Amena

Udne Ki Aasha 2nd April 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dilip asking for money. He asks for new clothes. Sayali says I will buy new clothes for you when we go for shopping. Dilip agrees. Sayali says I will buy new sarees for mum. Shubha says no, I will wear old sarees. Sayali says no, don’t worry, expenses are around 3.5 lakhs, Paresh gave us 2 lakhs, we will get 60000 from chit funds and we have petty cash also. Juhi says I will get advance from job. Sayali says no need to take loan, you get food for me. Juhi works at the mobile store. The store owner comes and asks didn’t Ganesh come. Juhi says no. He says he isn’t changing, he just wastes time with his friends. Juhi asks him for advance. He scolds her. She requests him. He gives her 25000rs advance and says I m giving it for your sister’s marriage, take it if you want, else find a job somewhere else. She says sorry. She keeps the money in her bag. Sachin comes there with Anya. Juhi worries. Anya says I will work hard at the shop, your car looks good. Sachin says yes, its second hand, Aaji got it for me on instalments. He asks him to give the visiting card to everyone. Juhi hears them. Sachin says Aaji gave the down payment of the car, she is my life, I have make the travel company on Aaji’s name. Anya says I will tell everyone about it. Sachin asks are you new here. Juhi says yes. He says give my number to anyone who wants a taxi, I will give you commission. She says I will do it. He asks her to keep the card in the bag. She nods and keeps it in her bag. Sachin says I will leave now, I have to earn money and pay instalments. Sachin goes. Anya says he is my best friend, he is good at heart.

Tejas books the cab. Sachin sees him. Tejas says you….. Sachin says get out of my car. Tejas says drop me to location. Sachin beats him. Tejas says sorry, please drop me, I have a meeting, for dad’s sake. Sachin scolds him. He drops Tejas. He asks Tejas for fare. Tejas asks him to leave. Sachin says I will come in your meeting. Tejas says I m your brother. Sachin asks for fare. Tejas gives it. Sayali says I got a big order. Shubha asks her not to do the same work after marriage. She says don’t upset Renu. Sayali says I will always be your daughter. Shubha explains her. She cries and you had to leave education also.

Sayali consoles her. Juhi comes home. She says I don’t do full time work. She gives money. She says its wedding gift for you. Sayali sees the money. She asks how did you get it. Juhi says I took advance. Sayali says I asked you not to take advance. Juhi says I have learnt taking responsibility from you, can’t I help you, keep the money, I have a right to help you. Paresh comes with Renu, Kishor and Shakku. Shubha asks them to come. She asks Dilip to get some breakfast soon. Dilip goes. Paresh says we got the Patrika. Renu demands the dowry for Tejas. Paresh asks Sayali to go and do her work. Sayali goes to her room. She worries. Kishor asks Paresh to explain Renu. Paresh says this isn’t needed. Shakku says Tejas is educated, we have to keep his respect. Renu says we have to show it to our relatives also. Paresh says no need. Shubha says she isn’t saying anything wrong. She goes and gets the money to give to Renu. Paresh says no need. Shubha says its 50000rs for Tejas’ suit and shagun.

Sachin comes to the temple. He gets shocked seeing Tejas and Sayali’s pic. He falls and the haldi splashes over Sayali’s face.

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