Udne Ki Aasha 5th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 5th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Udne Ki Aasha 5th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pandit saying Sachin and Sayali’s puja completed. Aaji thanks him. Shanti asks what will we do now. Aaji asks her to see. Sachin says we will go now. Aaji says there is a rasam. Sachin says its enough, we will go now. Aaji explains him to just do as she tells him. She gives toe rings and asks him to make Sayali wear it. Sachin makes Sayali wear it. Sayali smiles. Sachin says I will go out to my friends. He goes. Sayali asks what was the need to do all this. Aaji says its needed, Renu didn’t do all this, so I m doing this. Sayali thanks her. Aaji says you know the importance of this ritual. She explains Sayali. Sayali says we will go home now. She thinks how to tell her the truth. Pandit asks the unmarried girls to come ahead for the puja. Sayali says I will sit for the puja. Pandit says you didn’t hear it well, we have to make unmarried girls sit in the puja. Aaji and Shanti look on. The ladies gossip and asks how can Sayali be unmarried. Sayali leaves from there.

Aaji and Shanti follow her. Sayali says I will find Sachin and get him. Shanti says I was doubtful of their relation, they aren’t like newly weds, they always keep fighting, Sachin runs away from Sayali always. Aaji says marriage didn’t happen by their wish, but Paresh told me that all the rasams happened. Shanti says we don’t know about their relation, don’t worry, we will unite them, I have a way, we will send them to a temple and asks them to light diyas, if newly weds go there, then their problems end. Aaji says you are right, I want to end their distance.

The man gets food for Riya. Riya says I want to try this, how was that chef, what was his age. He says same as yours. She eats the food and likes it. She says I never thought dosa would be so tasty. She calls Akash and says the food is superb, you are just brilliant, I loved the dish. Akash thanks her. He asks shall I add this dish in the menu. She says yes, I have no words to express it, my mood changed after eating the dish, I m so happy. He says you are saying like I have saved your life. She says I like your work, your wife must be lucky to have the good food prepared by you. He says nice but I m not married. She asks for his number to call him. He says sure. He gives his number. He thanks her. Sachin says I have come to this temple after a long time. Sayali comes and says just come with me. He says I will come on own. She says Aaji has sent me to call you. Sachin asks her to go. Aaji and Shanti come. Aaji asks him to give time to Sayali. Sachin says she is calling me a monkey. Sayali says I didn’t. Aaji asks him to stop it and take Sayali with him. Sachin says she isn’t a kid, she irritates me. Sayali also refuses. They leave. Aaji says my mind isn’t working, we shall go home.

Roshni comes home. Vidya asks how was the day. Roshni says I got three clients today. They have a talk. The client’s PA comes and hears them talking. He says I have come to meet you. Roshni asks him to leave. He threatens to tell her truth and ruin her life. Roshni gets scared. Vidya asks how did he know your truth.

He says you are caught red-handed. Tejas comes and says she won’t listen to you. He asks the man not to trouble her. The man says I came here to expose her lie. Tejas asks what will you do, tell me. The man says you both aren’t married, you are acting married, I know the truth. Roshni gets relieved. Tejas says we already told everything to madam, we told her, we are going to marry soon. Roshni asks the man not to trouble her. The man asks didn’t you get any better girl, she isn’t good. Tejas slaps him and scolds him. He asks him to stay away from Roshni. He throws the man out of the house. He shuts the door. Vidya praises him. Roshni cries happily and hugs him.

She says I realized you are with me. He says I m always with you. She finds him hurt and asks Vidya to get ice. He thanks her. Its morning, Sayali gets surprised seeing Paresh. She says you didn’t say you are coming, didn’t Kaku come. Paresh says she didn’t come. Sayali asks him to come in. She calls out Aaji. He asks is Sachin taking care of you. Sayali says he is scared of Aaji. Paresh says you will see a new Sachin soon. He hugs Aaji and takes her blessings. Sachin comes and hugs Paresh. He says I didn’t know you will come so soon, you came to pick me, right. Paresh asks are you a kid. Sachin asks why did you come. Sayali says I will get water for you. She gets jaggery and water. Paresh says Renu has found a girl for Tejas. Aaji says yes, Sachin told me. Paresh says date is also fixed, I have to give the first invite to you. Shanti comes and greets. Aaji asks him to have some food. She asks Sayali to make breakfast for him. Sayali goes. Aaji says you have come alone, didn’t your wife come. Sachin asks why would she come here, don’t dream of her coming. A guy comes and greets. Damodar says I have come to give the money for your harvest. He gives 2 lakhs. Sachin praises him for sincerely giving the money from profits. Damodar says its no fun to progress alone, Aaji does a lot for the villagers, I will be happy to do this for her. Aaji asks Sayali to take the money. Paresh says take it. Sayali takes the money. Damodar leaves. Aaji says Sayali is lucky for me. Sachin asks what did she do in this thing. Aaji asks Paresh to keep the money for Tejas’ marriage. He refuses. He says I will handle it on my own, you keep it. Aaji asks Sayali to keep the money in the locker. Sayali goes. Sachin says Paresh worked for 40 years, Tejas ran away with all the money. Paresh says forget it. Sachin says its not a small thing. Aaji says yes, it was hard earned money, Paresh will get it back one day. Sachin gets Anya’s call and goes out to talk. He says I m not able to drink here, Aaji will beat me a lot. Anya asks him to live as Sanyasi for sometime. Sachin asks about his car. Anya says its good, don’t worry. Sachin says I can’t live without my taxi, I m happy here, Aaji and dad are here, I love them. Anya says you are forgetting Sayali’s name. Sayali comes and hears him talking. Sachin says Sayali is also liking to live here, she has come out of Mumbai for the first time, she is learning things here. Sayali smiles. His friends tease him about Sayali. Sachin says I will beat you if I come there. Anya says you are telling a lot about Sayali, maybe you love her. Sachin says don’t joke. He ends call and turns. He sees Sayali. She gives him coconut water and says this is good for health. She says Paresh asked you to get ready soon, we have to go to temple. Sachin likes the coconut water. She smiles.

Sachin says give me 27 lakhs, then I will help. Sayali asks why do you always talk about money, Paresh gave money to his own son, Tejas got fooled and lost the money, he didn’t spend money in alcohol like others.

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