Udne Ki Aasha 7th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 7th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Udne Ki Aasha 7th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aaji seeing Sayali outside the house. She goes and sees Sachin sleeping on the floor. She throws a glass and wakes him up. He says I thought Sayali has come to fight with me. She says you slept on the floor. He says yes, you said the neighbor took the mat, I took this cloth, its my Azoba’s dhoti, I slept on the floor, I missed Azoba, I felt so peace. Aaji says you are just like your dad, donkey. She asks him to come. He says I want to sleep more, can I wear this dhoti, I miss Azoba. She holds her head. She asks what shall I do of this fool. He asks for tea. She asks him to tell Sayali. He says I want the tea prepared by you, she cooks good food. She says she is a good wife, when will you become a good husband. He says I will become good husband if I do household work. She asks are you a fool or did I raise you like that. She laughs. He asks what did I do, I want tea. Sayali comes. He says we will have tea prepared by Aaji. Sayali says I will make it. He says you learn it from her, she makes the world’s best tea. He goes. Aaji says he is such a fool. She talks to her husband. Sayali smiles.

Sachin comes and asks what are you doing. She says I m talking to your Azoba. Sachin also talks to Azoba. They laugh. She asks him to take Sayali to show the village, there is a temple nearby. He says it’s a small temple. She says just take her there, then you both will get happiness. He says Sayali is happy, why are you sending us to temples. She says its my mannat, take her. He asks for tea. She says get ready. He goes.

Paresh says Roshni, we have invited some relatives, your dad is coming in the marriage, right. Roshni says yes, but I don’t care. They have a talk. Renu asks Tejas to go with Roshni. Paresh says I will not sit quiet until I get pension money. He goes. Shakku says Renu, you give 10 tola gold to Roshni, her dad is coming in the wedding. Renu asks how will I get so much money. She worries.

Sayali gets ready. Aaji says you are also foolish, I can’t come along, else how will you get a chance to talk to Sachin, there are puja items, make Sachin do the puja, do the pariknama together, everything will be fine. Sachin asks is this necessary to go to temple. Aaji asks him to focus on his wife. She says Shanti said you have to go to temple for 11 days. Sachin jokes.

Sayali and Sachin argue. Aaji says stop it. Sachin’s friend Pandya comes. Aaji borrows Pandya’s bike for Sachin and asks him to go home. Sachin says I will get the bike in the evening. Aaji asks Sayali to hold Sachin and sit close. Sayali nods and smiles. He asks what are you doing. Aaji asks what happened, she is your wife. Sachin says don’t hold my waist, just keep your hand on the shoulder. They leave. Aaji says he is such a fool. At home, Renu says I was thinking about Tejas’ marriage, there are many expenses, we have to give jewellery to Roshni. Paresh says no need, we already told her not to spend much.

She says Roshni’s dad is coming and he will feel odd if we don’t give her jewellery. He says then we have to mortgage the house. She refuses and says we can’t do this, else our sons will fight. He says I m glad to know this. She asks about his mum getting money from the farming work. He says its wrong, I can’t ask her for money, you can go there and ask for money. She says no way. Sachin and Sayali reach the temple. He says we have to go by walk from here. He holds her hand and helps her. She says Aaji said newly weds come here to do the puja. He says maybe they regret the marriage and come. They go ahead and perform the rituals. She lights the diya. He holds her hand. She asks him to close eyes and pray.

Sayali thinks I m seeing a ray of light now, Sachin has many good qualities, protect him. She prays for her family and herself. She says we have to do the pariknama now. She guides him the procedure. Taare hai baraati…. Plays…. They leave. He asks what did you pray. She says everyone’s happiness and prosperity. He says I didn’t ask for anything, I already have Aaji, dad, taxi, and food made by you, I m satisfied, I don’t need anyone more. She asks him to get grateful. He says all this isn’t needed.

Renu takes care of Sayali. Sachin looks on. Renu says Aaji praises you a lot. Sachin says Renu is acting smart.

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