Udne Ki Aasha 9th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 9th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Udne Ki Aasha 9th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sachin and Sayali going to the temple. He asks will you come to my friend’s house. She says no, I will get bored there, drop me to Krish’s place. He agrees. She meets Krish and Roshni’s mum. She asks about Roshni’s marriage. Roshni’s mum says I will do the puja for her marriage. She goes to get snacks for Sayali. Riya does her dubbing work. She calls Akash and asks what’s new today. Akash asks what will you eat, I will try to make something new. She says I like sandwiches, I want to eat chicken today. He says okay. She asks what’s your fav food. He says I didn’t think of it, I like cooking more than eating. She says I will give you many food orders. He says of course, you are my first fan, you can tell me what you want to eat, I will make it for you, you are my fav customer. She says that means I m your only customer. He says no, I have many fans. She says I will be the first one. He says yes, and best too. She says I have to come there and meet you. He says done, send someone to pick the sandwich. She agrees.

Sayali tells Roshni’s mum about Sachin. Krish asks her to come and play. Sayali plays with him. He runs in front of a car. Sayali sees this and runs to save him. She takes him away. She falls down. Sachin comes there. Roshni’s mum and Sachin ask what happened. They see the car speeding away. Sachin follows the car. Sayali asks him to stop.

He stops the car. He beats the driver. Sayali and Roshni’s mum look on. Sachin beats the other guy also. The man apologizes. He says you have hit the girl, you have to apologize to her, come. Akash sees Juhi taking the scooter. Juhi says scooter broke down, I had come to deliver the flowers. She asks about his course. He says its over, I have joined a restaurant, I m going internship there. She jokes on his food experiments. He says I got many fans, one girl is special, she calls me and orders food. She says she might be liking you. He says we didn’t meet yet. The men apologize to Sayali. She smiles. Sachin scolds them and says I also drive taxi, I m a driver, sometimes accidents happen, it doesn’t mean you should run away, you should ask the person if he is okay, get lost. The men leave. He asks Sayali are you much hurt. Roshni’s mum says she got a foot sprain. Sachin says I will just come. He gets some leaves and crushes it. He says Aaji used to apply the leaves juice on my foot in childhood, it used to cure my injury, keep your foot on my leg. He cares for her. Pal ek pal….plays….

He says you always fight with me, you should be careful when you play on the road. Roshni’s mum says she ran to save Krish, its not her mistake. She thanks Sayali. She says we will go to hospital. Sachin says I will take her, we have to go to temple also. He goes to get the bike.

Akash and Juhi have a talk. She says that girl will propose you. Akash says no. He meets Shubha. She asks about Tejas’ marriage. Akash says yes, Paresh and Renu have gone to Aaji’s village to invite her, they will come here also, I will also come. He leaves. Shubha sees Juhi. He asks where did you meet him. Juhi says on the way. Shubha says remember your limits, he is a nice guy, I know you have friendship, you know his mum, Renu scolded Akash when he was talking to you. She warns Juhi.

Sachin and Sayali come home. He sees her hurt and lifts her in arms. Meri rahein….plays… She smiles seeing him. Shanti and Aaji get happy seeing them. She says they are coming close, your wish is getting true. Aaji thanks Amba bai. Sachin asks what happened. Aaji says I m thanking Devimaa, you both came back as I thought. Shanti says Sachin loves Sayali. Aaji says she is his wife.

Shanti says if the villagers see them… Aaji says let them see, they are newly weds. Shanti says they can catch bad sight. Aaji says no, I will ward off the bad sight. Sachin says I m tired lifting her, her foot is hurt, I will drop her now. Aaji asks how did she get hurt. He says a car has hit her. Aaji says you should have taken care of her. Sachin puts Sayali down. He says my back is gone. Aaji says she is hurt. He asks what about my pain, you think she is light, she is very heavy. Sayali says you get backache like old people when you lift me. Sachin says your tongue should have got hurt, there would be peace in the house. Shanti asks why didn’t you take her to doctor. Sachin says I took her, he said she will be fine in 2 days. Aaji says you didn’t take care of her. Sachin says ask her why did she run on the road, if the car hit her, then she would have got much hurt, its not my mistake. He goes. Aaji sees Sayali’s foot. She asks Shanti to get salt in a cloth. Sayali smiles thinking of Sachin. She asks Aaji not to worry. She says I didn’t see the car. Aaji curses the driver.

She says Sachin has beaten him a lot. Aaji smiles. Sayali says she made him apologize also. Shanti gets the salt. Aaji asks Sayali to forward her foot. She says you are my daughter, like Sachin is my son. She takes care of Sayali. She says Shanti told me about the temple, Sachin and Sayali will come close, but Sayali got a foot sprain. Shanti says Sachin got Sayali in his arms, and he has beaten those who hurt her, think of it. Aaji asks Sayali about Sachin and her relation. She says you both didn’t unite, right, I m asking because I want you both to stay happy. Sayali says you know how our marriage happened. Aaji says yes, but you both should come close now. Sayali says we have to understand each other, he has stopping shouting at me here, we used to fight a lot there, he says the same thing, I m a burden for him, he lost his happiness, I get angry and scold him, then we fight, I have tried to go close to him, he has hurt my heart with bitter words. Aaji says I understand, don’t worry, he is a nice guy. Sayali says I know, but can he become a good husband. Aaji says he has never hurt anyone’s heart, Renu didn’t give him any love, I love him, I know his qualities and flaws, you have to change him. Sayali says I don’t think I can do this. Shanti says a woman can do anything. Aaji says yes, right, you both will become husband and wife when you go from here.

Renu takes care of Sayali. Sachin looks on. Renu says Aaji praises you a lot. Sachin says Renu is acting smart.

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