Uttaran 30th November 2013 Written Update

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Uttaran 30th November 2013 Written Update by Aadi

Uttaran 30th November 2013 Written Episode

Episode starts with Akash and Ambika’s engagement ceremony beginning.

Akash dreams that Meethi is near him.

Rathore calls to talk to Akash about Meethi but Ekadish taunts them, telling them not to call.

Ambika’s father sees that Akash is already having a ring during the engagement.

Akash is unable to remove Meethi’s engagement ring from his finger.

Mukta and Vishnu get engaged after Meethi insists them to.

Ambika’s father threatens Ekadish to follow the rituals or law will take its course.

Rathore meets Akash and asks him to meet Meethi a last time to tell her that he is going away.

Rathore tells Meethi that Akash wants to meet her.

Ambika and father discuss about Akash and their engagement.

Akash hidingly goes to meet Meethi without telling his mother Ekadish.

Ambika drops in unexpectedly but Akash makes an excuse and leaves her.

Akash gets delayed since Ambika keeps him busy with shopping and his car breaks down later.

Meethi tells Damini and Rathore that no one will call or beg Akash henceforth.

Meethi thinks Akash is not coming and decides to leave.

Akash sees Meethi and is shocked to know that she is in wheelchair.

Meethi leaves before Akash can reach her.

Akash tells his mother that Meethi is in wheelchair.
He flatly refuses to marry Ambika but Ekadish tells him not to leave the wedding.

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  1. AG
    December 01, 21:39 Reply

    Pooja, please give us a detailed write up………..

  2. aradhana
    December 01, 10:46 Reply

    tina dutta’s act of a wife who does not know why her husband is not visiting away is so natural the point where he breakdowns before tapasya maasi and rathore when they ask whether she don’t want to meet akash to find the reason behind. That scene was very well done by tina dutta that showcase that instead of talking sweetly and weeping she also know how to make other person cry without saying much .very well done and rathore was too good with his husky voice modulation while delivering his dialogues

  3. saloni
    December 01, 02:15 Reply

    it wud have been gud if we had a detailed update…..but anyway thank you……

  4. AG
    November 30, 22:18 Reply

    We want the detailed write up from Pooja. Please consider to rewrite.

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