[V] Best Friends Forever 15th May 2013 Written Update

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[V] Best Friends Forever 15th May 2013 Written Update

  • Ela and Vinnie find Varun’s hockey stick at the crime scene.
  • Pammi refuses to believe that Varun killed Rohan.
  • The trio sees the stalker spying on them and tries to catch him, but fail.
  • Sanju believes that Varun is innocent.
  • Varun learns that Prithvi is in the last stage of his cancer.
  • Sahil informs Professor Anu that he has planted evidence against Varun at the crime scene.
  • Anu rebukes him.
  • Sanju learns from the college gossip column that Prithvi is dying of cancer.
  • She regrets trusting Varun.
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  1. avik kailash
    May 15, 18:25 Reply

    bbf k sare video kha dekhne ko milenge Kisi k pas ho toh pls send me

  2. alia
    May 17, 03:27 Reply

    really sad to learn ki prithvi ko cancer hain. ab agar show cchod diya to maarte toh nahi!!!

    • krish
      May 16, 15:44

      ok bye bye my sweet frnds lily

    • Laiba16
      May 16, 15:38

      dinner ke liye thodi der mein

    • krish
      May 16, 15:40

      ok phir milogi kya

    • krish
      May 16, 15:41

      phir milogi na

    • krish
      May 16, 15:42

      kaha ho aabhi

  3. krish
    May 16, 15:36 Reply

    ish mai pik chat nhi hotiy h kya

    • Laiba16
      May 16, 15:37

      idhar video chat nahi hai

  4. Laiba16
    May 16, 15:34 Reply

    udhar dar nahi bas udhar mujhe nayi version mein dhondne mein der lagti hai yeh easy hai

  5. Laiba16
    May 16, 15:32 Reply

    ab aap google ki jaga idhar bat karo q ke udhar mein nahi aa sakti

    • krish
      May 16, 15:31

      aab kaya karu

    • krish
      May 16, 15:32

      aap ko waha dar lagti h kya

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