Veera 30th April 2013 Written Update

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Veera 30th April 2013 Written Update by euphoric

Veera 30th April 2013 Written Episode

Ranvi informs Nihal about the Panchayat call and Nihal replies he’ll reach. Ranvi gets a little suspicious of Ratan’s bhaviour and senses her ignoring Nihal. He asks Ratan if they had a spat but Ratan says she didn’t speak just coz he has lot of work. Veera by then comes there and they both leave for school.

Nihal on the other end is in dilemma, wondering if his decision to work with Ratan is right or wrong as he won’t be able to stop himself coming in front of her if he works for her. And if he leaves he won’t be able to help her. Chaiji is on her way to temple when she sees Nihal and calls out to her. She informs her she’s going to the temple and asks if she should ask anything for him. Nihal is sad saying not all desires get fulfilled and some desires are such that even God can’t grant them.

Chaiji asks him if he’s hiding something as he looks sad. She says that if he shares it with someone he’ll feel better. Nihal gets a worried and hesitant and hopes Chaiji will understand him. Chaiji assures him that she’ll. Nihal is about to fetch something from his bag when Ranvi comes there and the talk doesn’t complete. Ranvi is on a cycle and Chaiji asks whose cycle is it. Ranvi says its his friend’s. Veera complains that Ranvi is not letting him ride the cycle. When Nihal questions, Ranvi says he’s afraid she might fall and hurt herself. Chaiji excuses when Veera has a question coming for her. Nihal explains Ranvi that it’s necessary for Veera to kearn even though she might fall and get hurt. He says she’ll not learn otherwise. Ranvi agrees to teach her. Veera hugs Nihal and Kartar is spots them.

His creepy mind churns that Nihal is smart as he’s using her kids to reach her. He thinks he’s been fool to not see this way or else Ratan would have been with him by now. He thinks now he’ll use the kids to get closer to Ratan.

In the Panchayat, Balwant thanks Nihal for calling his friend that led to Girdhari’s exposure that he had been cheating them. Bakhtayar and Kartar aren’t too happy and Nihal is humbled. Sarpanch decides to felicitate Nihal by tying turban on his head. Ratan and Bansuri are happy. When Sarpanch is about to put the turban on his head, Bansuri intervenes saying they should follow old custom where a woman ties turban to respect the man of honour. Balwant agrees and says Ratan has the right to do it. Bansuri, Kartar, Bakhtawar are not too happy but everyone else consents and forces her. Ratan puts the turban on Nihal’s head. Everyone claps. Ratan and Nihal feel awkward.

Balwant calls Bakhtawar too to felicitate him as he came second in the horse riding. Much to Bansuri and Bakhtawar’s quandry Balwant calls Bansuri to felicitate Bakhtawar and she does so half-heartedly.

In the school, teacher is teaching the kids about borders and Ranvi says he has seen it. There are many soldiers there. But the teacher stops him saying everyone knows what happened with him but at this hour he shouldn’t disturb the class. Ranvi however tells his experience to the two boys sitting in front of him who looks impressed. Teacher spots them talking and scold Ranvi who feels bad.

Ratan comes back home and remembers her dream of Nihal. She splashes water on her face and feels very guilty. She looks at her dupata on the rooftop and joins hands as if asking forgiveness from Sampooran.

Gunjan is trying to teach Veera to ride a bicycle. But she can’t help her balance and Veera is about to fall.

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