Veera 31st March 2014 Written Update

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Veera 31st March 2014 Written Update by Anam Ali

Veera 31st March 2014 Written Episode

Ranvi and Gunjan comes home, Chaiji and Balwant question Gunjan where did she go? why did she lie to everyone. Balwant is shouting at Gunjan, Ratan questions Ranvi where did he find Gunjan? Ratan tells him to speak up, Ratan tells Gunjan what was the need of lieing.

Ranvi lies, he tells everyone Gunjan was with him the whole day they went to the city to watch a movie, he told Gunjan to lie and come out the house. Ratan is very angry with Ranvi she says they were all worried while they were enjoying watching movie, Ratan says when did Ranvi start lieing, how did he become so irresponsible.

Chaiji tells Ratan to leave so does Balwant. Balwant and Bansuri leave. Baldev smiles at Veera while going. Chaiji and Ratan go inside. Baldev comes back, he says Jeejaji went with Gunjan to watch movie but till today no one talk his own sister, looks like it his saalah will have to, Veera tells Baldev chupkar bewaqoof they are married so they can go, Baldev laughs says Veera is giving him hints she is dieing to marry him. Veera says she doesn’t want to marry him or go with him to the cinema. Veera says to Baldev take your friends to the cinema then you all can whistle, Baldev says he can whistle with Veera too he says I will show you Veera says no need. Veera says Baldeva mein kya meri jhooti bhi nahiye jayghi tere naal picture dekne, Baldev says now she will defo go with him he wil eat somosah from her hand. Baldev then says if he wins the challenge Veera will have to listen to him the whole day, Veera says if he doesn’t win the challenge then he will have to listen to her the whole day. Baldev says he accepts Veera challenge.

Ranvi brings food for Gunjan he tells her to eat food, Gunjan says why does Ranvi care so much? he should of told the truth to everyone and ended the whole matter. If he had told the truth it would have benefited him he didnt had to be so ashamed in front of everyone. Gunjan then says she is reason to all Ranvi problems. Ranvi says he should of spoke when the bus fiasco happened but he didnt, if he had spoke today his Beeji,Chaiji, Tayajii, Tayiji would all be so hurt because of her doings. Ranvi says he was quiet because of both families. Ranvi requests Gunjan not to put him any situation like this again. Gunjan was about to go out and Ranvi calls her, Gunjan says she is not going to run away just going outside for a few minutes. Ranvi gives Gunjan a shawl.

Gunjan has flashbacks of whats Ranvi has done for her he saved her from all the situations, and even got insulted by his own family, she says what kind of person is he?. Veera comes there and tells Gunjan Ranvi loves her a lot, and cares for her. Ranvi never lies he is only lieing for her because he loves her. Veera says after all that has happened Gunjan still is not understanding Ranvi. Gunjan goes back to her room, Veera words are playing in her head, Ranvi is asleep on the bed, Gunjan also sleeps besides Ranvi.

Veera is asleep her phone rings Veera says why is she hearing Baldev ringtone in her dream, Veera says this monkey doesnt stop troubling me, Veera anwsers the phone she says to Baldev why he phoned so late she wants to sleep, Baldev says the kitchen is burning, Veera quickly gets up and runs out of her room. Veera says Baldev the kitchen is fine Baldev says shes mental when did he say her kitchen was burning, Veera says Baldev ruined her sleep, Baldev says whatever happened today he cant sleep so the sher is awake the sherni should be awake too. Baldev says he woke up her up at midnight 2.30 so he will take her out in daytime to cinema easily too and then Veera will listen to him the whole day he was say Veera get up, Veera sit down she will listen. Veera is very annoyed before she can say anything Baldev says talking to her has made him sleepy he will sleep now thanks welcome and goodnight. Baldev disconnects the phone. Veera is very angry and says stupid bewaqoof khoteyah and goes to her room. Veera puts her phone on silent and sleeps.

Ranvi realises he slept on the bed he quicky gets up and apologises to Gunjan and leaves, Gunjan says to herself Ranvi apologised when it not his fault she should be the one apologising for all her mistakes.

Precap- Bansuri shows Baldev all suits she has brought for her daughter-in-law, Bansuri says she will give all the jewellery too, she searchs the wardrobe for Jewellery but she cant find it she tells Baldev the jewellery is missing.

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  1. Sonya
    April 02, 18:51 Reply

    Oh now they will know that Veera stole the jewellery.
    Poor Ranvir has to suffer so much for Gunjan. Love
    Baldev and Veera – good episode. Nice story.

  2. jazly
    April 01, 02:16 Reply

    thank God gunjan realize her mistakes

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