Veera 31st May 2014 Written Update

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Veera 31st May 2014 Written Episode

Sorry, Missed the initial few mins of the episode

The Village ladies quarrel about the biased wages they’ve being given and ratan reaches there and Veera, and Ratan try to convince them, Ratan call them to come inside and discuss on this matter. Veera shows the women the agreement and ratan says, if anyone distrust on this matter then they can leave the job. veera says, how could you think about beeji like this, she’s not such a dishonest person. She always think about your profit. The ladies kind of look convinced and they all start working once again calmly,

Veera meets her biji outside who looks dull, and tells that everything is done by Bansuri. Ratan says, i am not upset on this matter. I am thinking about their unity. We cant run our work without their unity in this. How we can reinstate unity between these women. Veera promise to Ratan that soon everything will be alright…
The next scene, where Veera bring a lady called nirmal to see their work. Nirmal sees the work and says bad about work. Then all the ladies stand unitedly. Veera says, i know that you all will stand whenever you are in trouble. Everybody to veera which makes Gunjan feel annoyed at them…

Bansuri and baldev are seated in their dining table and balwant comes there, he tells them that he has arranged a job for Baldev in his friends company. Baldev shouts on him and Bansuri also support him. Balwant says, you are getting great chance to learn some responsibility and experience in work too. Baldev says, my goal is to become the Sarpanch and i will definitely get that post.

Baggi are seen spying Veera’s karyashala and the ladies work. Veera finds them and ask about baldev. They reach in front if him, with Veera hiding behind them. Baldev ask them about any news. Veera comes out and says thanks to him for making the unity of their women even more stronger. Veera says, i pray to God that you will always support us always like this. Baldev is appalled, he says that don’t know why she is not fighting with him anymore, coz whenever blow up her plans she’s behaving so calm. He wonders if Veera is not fine…
Baggi say that we think that you are not well, praaji. They ask him why you are thinking about veera… Afterlife everything between you two has ended, nah? (No, guys… Nothing has ended, their actual LS is gonna start very soon to all your amazement!!! Just wait and watch.
Baldev stammers as he couldn’t understand himself why he’s worried about Veera himself, and somehow manages saying that “you dont know, this is politics”.

Gunjan sees Ranvi in window and she feels that she’s dreaming about him always. She goes and touches Ranvi, which happens to be Ranvi himself. He smiles and gives her bangles, G asks why is he gifting her bangles, coz there’s no festive occasion or anything. Ranvi says that seeing your beauty and experiencing your love is nothing less than a festival for me.. They share a passionate hug. Baldev reaches to meet a man and tell him to call his wife who is working in Veera’s karyashala. He says that she works and earns money which is very good for their family and also pind’s progress. Baldev says that he’ll leave since there’s nothing to say now. The man offers to prepare tea himself, hearing this Baldev accepts his offer of tea and says that yeah sure, I’ll wait and watch how you’re gonna make the
tea (With an intention, I guess)

Episode ends.,

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