Woh To Hai Albelaa 18th March 2023 Written Update

Woh To Hai Albelaa 18th March 2023 Written Update by MA

Woh To Hai Albelaa 18th March 2023 Written Episode

Sayuri tells Kanha that they should discuss with Nakul about Chaman Bahar and send her back to her place. Kanha says she is right. Sayuri asks where is Nakul. Kanha says Nakul is upset because of Rashmi’s betrayal and must be somewhere. Sayuri then says they will not send Chaman home tomorrow as navrati is starting tomorrow and she doesn’t want to reject someone’s plea. Kanha agrees and calls Nakul to find out where he is, but finds his number not reachable.

After some time, Sayuri takes milk for Chaman. Chaman acts as sleep. Sayuri walks towards door, but then returns and tries to pull her hairpin. Chaman wakes up acting and shouting not to hit her. Sayuri says its her and explains that she was trying to fix her hair pin properly. Chaman says she thought her villagers are attacking her. Sayuri asks her to have milk and leaves. Chaman thinks soon she will enter the room with milk for Kanha and take over this whole house.

At night, Chaman dances in living room playing music. Nakul walks in. Chaman fears he identified her and will expose her. Nakul hallucinates her as Rashmi and asks how did she get out of the house, he will call inspector and send her back to jail. Kanha hears him and walks down. Chaman hides. Kanha asks where was he, he was worried for him. Nakul finds Chaman disappeared and thinks it was his imagination.

Next morning, Chaudhry’s get ready for navratri celebration and Mithu’s naming ceremony. Kanha records a video blog. Chaman thinks Kanha is more jovial than she thought, she will enjoy whatever is happening here. Kanha records each family member’s vlog. Saroj gets sad seeing Nakul’s condition and offers him help, but he denies. Panditji comes and asks Saroj to bring pooja thali. Saroj asks servant to bring pooja thali. Chaman makes servant fall and stops pooja thali from falling down. Sayuri thanks her. Nakul looks at her. Chaman hides her face. Nakul asks who is she. Kanha says she is a guest. Sayuri asks why is she hiding her face. Chaman says its her village ritual, she didn’t hide her face yesterday situationally but now will have to seeing many men here. Kanha and Sayuri sit for pooja. Nakul stares at Chaman. Chaman fears if he identified her.

Precap: Servant informs Saroj that someone left a lab report. Sayuri finds it. Saroj snatches it from her and shouts how dare she is to touch her stuff. Kanha stops her and asks what is she hiding.

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