Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 9th February 2015 Written Update

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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 9th February 2015 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 9th February 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Arjun seeing poorvi and changing his words. He tells Viraj not to hire Poorvi as she is bad and will ruin his hotel project. Poorvi hears this and scolds Arjun. He thinks he has hurt her once again. She says Viraj is not afraid of anyone. This time I will ruin you, your hotel will be ruined my me. He says this is my city, you can’t do anything, lets see who ruins what, and prays that she wins and he loses.

Poorvi comes home and recalls Arjun’s words. She cries thinking how can he fall so low, cheat her, and hate her. She gets hurt by his egoistic words. She says I remember everything you told me, you have hurt me a lot, and even now you don’t leave any chance to hurt me, I felt there is some reason, maybe I did some mistake and you felt bad, but no I was wrong, you are bad human being, I will ruin you, I did not forget how you and your family made fun of us, you will be on road and I will laugh on you like you laughed on me.

Arjun thinks Poorvi’s victory is his victory and recalls her words. He feels his old memories are keeping him alive. Aag ka darya hai…………….yeh dil sun raha hai………………..plays……………… He thinks Poorvi will remember the pain he gave her and he will remember their love, the pain will give her strength to ruin him. Lakshya recalls Nisha and thinks he still loves her, he feels she loves him, he saw it in her eyes, maybe he is thinking wrong, and she did not ever love him and cheated, but their good memories will always be with them.

Nisha cries seeing Lakshya’s pic and says she married Watan so that he can get a better life, but he is bearing more problems now, this is bad phase of my life. She recalls Lakshya getting insulted by her inlaws. She says she won’t let Watan win and prays for Lakshya. Arjun hears this and thinks Sanjay could not help Lakshya, but he can’t see this anymore, he will bring Nisha out of this pain.

Its morning, Poorvi talks to Lakshya and says Watan wants you to insult you daily, I will work hard and get money to free you from Watan, throw that 5 lakhs on his face. Lakshya says yes, I will manage. She tells about Arjun meeting Viraj and backbiting about her. Lakshya says I will not leave him. Poorvi says Viraj has given him answer, he told him that he trusts me and he will give me a chance. She says we both loved wrong people., and our family is bearing for it.

Lakshya says I did not expect this from Nisha, I feel its lie, it’s a dream. She says no, its true, Nisha was my best friend, but she did this, my heart says everything will be fine, and hugs him. Arjun meets Viraj and says I want to give something to Poorvi. He gives 5 lakhs to him and says tell her that its bonus for getting deal done. Viraj says you know my business, I won’t agree to you all the time. Arjun says you can’t refuse to this offer.

Arjun says this deal is imp for me, read this paper once. Viraj reads the doc and smiles. Lakshya meets Arjun and scolds him. Arjun scolds him back and feels sorry in heart, as he got helplessness in heart, I did this so that you also hate me like Poorvi does, but I m always with you and Poorvi. He thinks he will be free from Watan. Tanu asks Arjun did he pay money, he thought she won’t know if he sends money by Sanjay and now with Viraj, what deal did you do. He thinks she does not know about deal.

He laughs and asks what will she do, tell the truth to Poorvi, then her hatred will go, which she does not want. He leaves. Tanu smiles and says you always underestimate me, I will not try to tell truth to Poorvi, I will lay a trap for her. Watan asks Lakshya to polish his shoes and Lakshya refuses. Watan says I give you salary. Lakshya says fire me from job, I want this. He leaves. Nisha claps and taunts Watan.

Poorvi comes and asks Viraj did he call her. He says yes, and gives her 5 lakhs rupees, as her bonus. He says I got crores profit by you, I trust you, I m impressed by your work, and thought a lot about you, you don’t work for money, but for family’s happiness. loshe says thanks, I won’t disappoint you.

Poorvi asks Lakshya to throw the money on Watan’s face and get free, as they can buy rented home later.

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