Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th February 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th February 2023 Written Update by MA

Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th February 2023 Written Episode

Nayan mocks Samrat for failing his plan of marrying Ishani and marrying him again. Samrat gets angry on her. Revati stops him. Media enters and asks Sam why did he take a sudden decision of marriage and asks him to pose for a best couple photo. Sam smiles holding Nayan tightly. Revati says she saw media coming, so she didn’t react and he should enjoy media publicity. Reporters ask Revati if she had announced Mohit and Aaliya’s marriage, then why she performed Sam and Nayan’s marriage. Revati says they just used Aaliya and Mohit’s name to complete Sam’s wedding without any hindrance. Reporters question Sam why did he marry Nayan. Sam says he fell in love with Nayan and visited India to marry her. He twists Nayan’s hand from behind and doesn’t let her speak. He makes reporters belive his fake love for Nayan.

Ishani packs her bags and informs Malati and Paati that Mohit loves only her and didn’t want to marry Aaliya. She explains the whole incident happened and thanks god that Nayan saved them on time. She informs that she and Mohit are escaping to Shimla as per Nayan’s plan as Sam confiscated his passport. Revati ends media conference and asks Revati about Aaliya. Nayan says she is in her room’s cupboard. Revati warns her that she will not spare her if something happens to Aaliya and orders servants to get Aaliya out and lie her down on a bed. Seema asks where is Mohit. Sam says he is in store room. Servants inform that Mohit is not in store room.

Nayan reveals that she helped Mohit and Ishani elope and now they would have gone far away. Sam gets more angry unable to bear Nayan’s irritating justification. Revati says Mohit’s phone is off. Nayan continues to tongue lash Sam and tries to leave. Sam stops her and says she can’t go as they are married twice and tied for 14 lives and will not let her go until Mohit and Ishani return. Revati says she has organized Nayan’s muh dikhayi ritual tonight. Malati walks in and asks Nayan why is she in a bridal attire. Revati says Nayan married Sam again and invites her for muh dikhayi ritual. Nayan takes Malati along to explain.

Sam asks Revati why is she performing Nayan’s mukh dikhayiwho troubled them so much stay here. Nayan says that is the only way to bring Mohit and Ishani back as Ishani loves her family and will return seeing her family in trouble. Malati tells Nayan that Ishani informed her everything, so came to take Nayan back home. Nayan says she will have to be here to stop Sam and Revati from harming Ishani and Mohit. Revati walks to them and asks Malati to stay back instead of returning in the evening. Nayan helpless returns with Revati. Sam and Nayan’s nok jhok continues…

Precap: Nayan tells Malati that she will take revenge from Sam=rat for humiliating Malati and during party shouts that Samrat is a monster who doesn’t respect women. Prem mother enters and say she husband is not a monster. Prem identifies Sam as his father.

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