Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th July 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Arjun thinking Aditya has placed the land mines and called him to office. Kashvi says you didn’t place the land mines, but you kidnapped my family. Nitya asks her to stop it and tells that my son has saved you, risking his life else Aditya had left you to die. Aditya says I wanted to save Kashvi, but the bomb squad guy made me go from there. Nitya says but my son saved her. Micky tells Kashvi that it was their plan and not Arjun’s plan, as they couldn’t see their pain. Kashvi says marriage will happen, and says if they want to come then can come. She gets up and is about to slip, but Aditya holds her before Arjun could. Nitya thinks if Kashvi is marrying Aditya due to Karun then I shall win his heart and take him on my side. She goes to Karun’s school and asks Karun to come and see the presents brought by her. Karun says you are not good badi mom, and says I don’t want any gifts. Nitya says I am good and that’s why I brought gifts for you. Kashvi comes there. Karun hugs her. Kashvi asks him to sit in the car and lock the car. Nitya tells Kashvi that Karun is her grand son. Kashvi says I will not let Karun meet you, and says I will do his upbringing well. Nitya says you can’t stop my son from meeting Karun. Kashvi says I don’t know about others, but I will not let you meet Karun.

Nitya gets angry and comes to Mahima. Mahima asks what happened? Nitya says time has come to bring Arjun back in your life and says if we throw the cards well then you will get the rights of Arjun’s wife. Mahima says I am ready to do, whatever you say. Nitya says if you do as I do, then we will win the jackpot. Mahima says we will do it. Nitya says we shall do it before marriage, and says tonight will be the end of all our problems.

Dadi asks Kashvi if she is happy. Kashvi says she has taken the right decision to marry Aditya. Chahatein song plays…..Arjun is standing outside and looking at Kashvi and his photos. Kashvi comes there. Arjun asks if you was following me. Kashvi says no, and says whenever I feel restless, I come here. He says same for me. He asks why you are restless, you are getting married tomorrow and you shall be happy. Kashvi says the matter is not about my happiness or sadness, and says what you would have done if I was on your place. She asks if you was on my place then what you would have done, and says I have done what Karun wants, and forgetting my heart feelings for my son’s happiness. He asks if I can hug you for the last time, Karun’s father wants to hug his mother, and says I am happy for Karun, if I couldn’t stay with him, but you are with him. He says you are the best and nothing is best for him, other than you. Kashvi hugs him and cries. Arjun holds her and cries. Kashvi says I am sorry, really sorry, I shall leave. She goes. Arjun thinks I will not let your tears go wasted, I will stop your marriage with Aditya.

Arjun talks to his officer and comes to know that there is no CCTV proofs that proves who is the culprit. Arjun feels helpless. Nitya comes there and says Aditya can’t marry Kashvi and asks him to come with her. She says come along with me, before it is too late. Arjun goes with her.

Kashvi gets ready for marriage. Romila, Isha, Dadi and others help her get ready. Isha asks if Aditya is ready. Kashvi says he is getting ready. Aditya is happy that very soon Kashvi will be called as Kashvi Aditya Arora. Mahima calls him. Aditya thinks he don’t want to talk to this inauspicious girl. Mahima calls him again. He thinks to talk to her else she will trouble him. He picks the call. Mahima tells him that when he is getting Kashvi, then she shall also get something. She asks him to come and meet him, else she will come there and surprise him, and then Police will come. Aditya says I am coming. Dadi comes there and says Pandit ji will come at anytime. Aditya says he has urgent office work and says he will come in 30 mins. Dadi says I don’t understand and hopes Kashvi’s decision is right, and thinks she feels that Aditya is not a good person. Arjun comes to Kashvi and says he wants to talk to her. Everyone goes from there. Arjun says agree to my sayings for the last time, for the love, trust which we had. Kashvi says today is my marriage, go away from there. Arjun says I am trying to stop problem in your life and says if you want to marry Aditya then I will not stop, but after 10 mins, and says I swear on Karun.

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Precap for Tuesday: After 6 months, Raunaq Sir calls Arjun and asks him to report to office. Kashi thinks she don’t want to see arjun’s face after whatever he did. Raunaq sir asks them to work on the case.

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