Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th February 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th February 2024 Written Update by MA

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th February 2024 Written Episode

Nisha tells Kashvi and others that she got trapped by his sweet talks, and wishes that she wouldn’t have met him that day. She recalls and a fb is shown, a pregnant Nisha walks on the road after being abandoned by her boyfriend and then her parents. She thinks for whom she shall leave and says she wants to die. She is about to get hit by the bike, but Adi saves her and asks if she is mad to try to die. Nisha says she don’t want to live as her boyfriend impregnated her and left her. She tells that her parents also left her. Adi tells that he will help her, and introduces herself as Aman Singh. He says if I help you then I will feel good that I helped someone. Fb ends. Nisha says he used to take care of me, and shower me with love. Fb starts, Adi comes to her and says he made something for her. She gets happy. Fb ends. She tells that she started feelings for him but didn’t tell him, as she don’t want to burden her son on him, but he himself proposed her for marriage and she agreed to marry him. She says then everything was fine, but he started getting possessive about me and that day it was limit. A fb is shown, Nisha buys vegetables and tells the seller that she doesn’t have 12 Rs. The vegetable seller asks her to give 12 Rs later. Adi comes and beats him. He then takes her to room and beats her brutally with a belt. Fb ends. Kashvi tells Nisha that she knows Adi since 5 years and he was not bad as she is saying. Nisha shows the marks on the hands shocking Kashvi. Kashvi asks where you met him, as Adi was in Ahmedabad and even we were there. Nisha says I met him in Ahmedabad and came here to Faridabad some months ago, but nothing changed for us, as I was tied there and here also. She tells that she should have died that day, as Vansh suffers because of her. Arjun asks Kashvi if she needs more proofs even now.

Kashvi says she has to get answers from Adi. Sushma asks Adi why did he stay silent when Arjun came and did so much drama in his marriage. She asks why he was silent. Dadi comes there with others and says what he will tell? She says he has betrayed Kashvi and me. She says I trusted you and loved you equal to loving Kashvi. She says I used to push you towards Kashvi and regrets her actions. She says Kashvi shouldn’t have met you. Adi says Dadi. Dadi slaps Adi. Sushma shouts Toshi ji. Dadi asks her to be silent and says you taunted kashvi so much as she is a divorcee, and asks what she will tell to her son. She tells her that Adi shall go to hell. Sushma asks Dadi to let her son say. Kashvi says whatever your son is done is inhumanity and asks her to see the marks on Nisha’s body, and says it is given by Adi. She tells Adi that she used to respect him, but she is ashamed that he was her best friend, and just now I got married to you. She says I wish I could give the same pain to you, as you gave to Nisha. Arjun says I will punish Adi for his mistakes and will make him realize his mistake. He tells Aditya Arora, civil service officer, who calls himself as a man is guilty. He says you have done a crime and was about to do the same thing with Kashvi. He pushes Adi. Sushma says Adi. Arjun hits Adi and asks why you beat Nisha. Kashvi asks Arjun not to beat him. Arjun tells Kashvi that you are stopping me, and tells that Adi betrayed you and married you with cheat. He says you want to ruin Kashvi’s life and asks him to answer. Sushma says I will tell you truth? Adi says no Maa and gives her swear not to say. Sushma says they are thinking you wrong. Adi says I don’t want to clarify. Kashvi says you can’t give any clarifications and regrets to trust him. She says she will make sure that he gets punished for his crimes and gets jailed. Arjun says he has called the Police.

Mahima tells Romila that Arjun will leave her now and wishes that Karun wouldn’t have met Vansh in the school.

The Inspector comes to arrest Adi. Sushma thinks why he is not telling truth. Inspector asks Arjun, Kashvi and Nisha to come to the PS and leaves with Adi. Sushma says you people have done a big mistake. Arjun tells Dadi that he will take Kashvi and Nisha to the PS. After filing the complaint, they come out. Nisha thanks them for the help and thanks Arjun for rescuing her. Arjun asks what she will do now. Nisha says she doesn’t know, she has no where to go and says God will show the way. Kashvi says god has shown the way.

Precap: Sushma asks Adi why he didnt tell the truth. He says he dont want to tell. Kashvi comes to get Dadi’s chain from Adi. Sushma asks Kashvi if silver key chain came along with her chain.
Kashvi gives key to Arjun and asks him to find out about it.

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