Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaagey 15th August 2017 Written Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaagey 15th August 2017 Written Update by Sona

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaagey 15th August 2017 Written Episode

Mukhi ji says Munni’s father must never have taken any money from him so he let them win. Aru cries and curses herself to be selfish. Mukhi ji turns her around and says he also wanted to win it. Aru hugs Mukhi ji and says she knew him, she must have understood he did this for purpose. Mukhi ji says this shows their rhythms meet, soon they will learn to listen the unsaid as well. She calls him sweet and cute.
Mastana comes to inform Madhur and Kaveri want to meet them. Madhur thanks Mukhi ji. Aru plays with Munni and then tells Kaveri about program from government of vaccination. Mukhi ji offers to come to help if they need something else. He goes to drop Munni at the door by himself. Aru happily watches him kiss Munni’s forehead. He returns to inform he is going to Panchait office.
Aru was lost in some good thoughts.
In the room, Aru sat with Mukhi ji’s clothes and think about him. Mukhi ji returns and asks what she is thinking. He smiles and shyly says she was thinking about him. he comes to sit beside her and asks what? Aru says, those jhumkas would suit this dress of hers and shies away. Mukhi moves closer to her. Soon, Aru recognizes it was a day dreaming and Chammo was instead rubbing its face with the goat. Aru gets a call from Mishri and was excited to hear from her. Mishri says she is coming to celebrate Rakhi with Mukhi ji, and asks Aru to keep it a surprise for Mukhi ji. Aru assures it would remain a surprise.
The next morning, Mukhi ji opens his eyes then rubs them twice to see Mishri stand with his Rakhi. He was left in shock, his mouth wide-opened. Mishri happily ties the Rakhi. Mukhi ji was elated to see her there. Soon he actually opens his eyes, it was Aru dragging his hand and trying to wake him up. Mukhi ji asks about Mishri? Aru says Mishri isn’t here, he has other two sisters as well who are waiting for Rakhi for him.
Sanvi comes to meet the doctor. He recalls Abhay had called her. Sanvi was reluctant to take the medicines as she had no problem. Sanvi goes outside then wonders if she has to continue the dose she is already taking. When she returns to clinic, the doctor was speaking to Abhay on phone that with one week dose the child would be aborted and no one will even know about it. Sanvi was shocked to hear this.
Mukhi ji comes outside looking for Mastana. A boy tries to run in veil, Mukhi ji holds him and recognizes he was the one sent to jail for alcohol production. The man tells Mukhi ji that he ran away from jail as his family is in trouble. He tells Mukhi ji that Arjun promised to take care of his family but he isn’t. He tells Mukhi ji that Arjun and Rami are responsible for everything, from factory accident to attempts of Mukhi’s murder through truck accident or fire. He takes Mukhi ji to meet the Swami and clutches his collar. Swami says Rami wants to destroy Mukhi, she wants him to finish off. He warned Rami that Mukhi’s child would destroy him, that’s why she wanted to keep them away from each other. Mukhi ji was taken aback while hearing this all.
At home, Rami tells Arjun she is tired of showing love to Aru and Mukhi. She says Dharmi is a real tricky girl, she plays games without being tuned for it. Arjun agrees to Rami. Rami asks Arjun when they must begin the business of alcohol again, Mukhi wouldn’t get any more time to concentrate on his business. They hear Mukhi ji’s furious voice, everyone gather. Rami comes downstairs and asks why he is shouting. Aru also comes there. Arjun tries to get away but Mukhi ji stops him with his hand.

PRECAP: Mukhi ji asks Rami who planned that he never gets married. He was enraged while everyone was shocked at the revelations.

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