Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhinav says this one rupee makes the money a shagun, money is yours and shagun is mine, there is another thing that’s mine, Abhir, there is nothing more precious than Abhir, the person who can’t leave shagun, he can’t leave his son, this father will earn money now. Abhi says its good, this father is also determined now. Abhinav says best of luck. Abhi says you become bit bad, it will be easy to fight with you. Abhinav says you too. Manjiri looks on.

Muskaan gives a watch to Neela. Neela asks why did you spend much money. Muskaan says you give it back then. Akshu says you would be feeling proud. Neela says yes, I will scold her too. Muskaan says forgive Kairav, he said sorry to you. Neela says okay. Kairav comes and says thanks. She asks were you around. He says no, will you come with me to temple, there is a famous Shiv temple, we can go later also. She says no, we will go today, I will change and come. He asks her if she wants anything else. She says don’t get the car to the room, I will change and come. He goes. Akshu and Muskaan laugh.

She says this gift would be for Abhir. She reads note for Kairav. Muskaan says sorry, I like Kairav, I didn’t tell this before. Akshu asks does he.. Muskaan says no, we didn’t tell anything to each other, he cares for me, he scolds me, I heard him telling someone on call, please don’t tell anything to Abhinav, if you don’t find right then… Akshu says no, I m very happy for you. She hugs Muskaan. Abhinav drives the cab. He sees the family pic. Akshu gets his message, I have earned 2000rs. She sits studying. Abhinav washes his face. He sees a tea stall and says hot tea, it will make the sleep away. The man asks Abhinav to come fast, he has to go to station. Abhinav thinks its not time to take rest, but support the family. He leaves. He comes home. Akshu sees him. She asks him to have food. She feeds him by her hands. She says work is imp, not this way, you will fall ill. He recalls Abhi’s words. He says no, I can’t stop now, I have to do this for my son, I will take a bath and leave, I took a booking. Its morning, Abhi packs a gift for Ruhi and sees the card. He talks to Neil. He says I miss you and cries. Abhir throws his shoes in dustbin. Akshu and Abhinav come. She asks why did you throw these shoes. She says your dad also fixes the old shoes and wears it. Abhir says its old, I will wear new ones, doc man gifted it to me. He wears the shoes and says its so cool. Abhinav says yes. Abhi asks Ruhi how did you like it.

He says I love you and will always be with you, you trust me right, will you listen to me, I won’t force you, please, I have learnt dance for you, I tried, Abhir loves you, give him a chance, try to become his friend once, you both are very imp to me, will you do. She says okay, I will try, I love you. He says I love you more. He hugs her. Aarohi looks on and thinks you will get Abhir home, but Ruhi has to pay a price. Muskaan comes and asks how did you like it. He says its truly special, thanks. He gets a call. He says I m going for an imp meeting, jeweller’s annual conference, if anyone asks for me, tell them I will be late. She says okay. He leaves. The gift box is seen.

Abhinav smiles hearing a man and his son talking. He sees the shoes and recalls Abhir. He stops the car. The man asks him to drive carefully. Abhinav thinks 9,500rs, my entire day’s earning is just 3000rs and these shoes… He cries. He dashes the car. Akshu says we will live in the new house, Kasauli house is small, this house is big, you will have a big room also. Abhir says no, I will miss my Kasauli house, I want that only, not big house. She says new things look good, but old ones are comfortable, new house, new friends, new shoes, it just looks good, but we like old things, you tell me, you have smart looking shoes or comfortable ones? Abhir looks at the shoes. The man asks what did you do, why did you drive when you can’t. Abhinav says this happened for the first time. The man says you will hit some man and it will be a police case. Abhinav says I lost attention, sorry. The man scolds him. Abhinav says I need this job for my son’s sake. The man asks what about my children. He takes the money. He says I will cut more money, I will fire you if you damage the car again. Abhinav sees the coins left in the box. He cries. Abhir wears the old shoes. Akshu clicks his pics. He asks why are you clicking my pic, its not my birthday, do I look smart. She says a lot, I will send your pic to your dad. He asks do I trouble you that you are dropping me to doc man’s house. She says no, you liked coming here. He asks shall I go in. She nods. He says you come with me, Manjiri will pamper you also. She says no, you go, I have much work, I will come later. He goes. She thinks I m trying to be fair with Abhi.

Akshu scolds Abhi for gifting expensive shoes to Abhir. Aarohi says Ruhi doesn’t like you spending time with her poppy. Abhir says I have to go home right away, please drop me home. Abhi worries.

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