Yeh Vaada Raha 17th January 2017 Written Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 17th January 2017 Written Update by Atiba

Yeh Vaada Raha 17th January 2017 Written Episode

Scene 1
Kamini says what if they plan something? Tai says don’t eat my brain.

Pratap abeer and Khushi come to room. Khushi says I will do it. Abeer says don’t cry forgive me please. Khushi says she came back. Abeer says I wont let her do anything. Pratap says kamini did all this even though your forgave her. She can stoop any low. Khushi says tai is so scary. She has abducted my dad as well. Abeer says I won’t let her harm anyone. Pratap says she looks dangerous. Be careful Khushi. Abeer says after so much time I have this family and I would do anything to protect them even if it takes my life. Khushi says don’t say that. I have lost enough I don’t wanna lose you. Abeer says your love and dad’s blessings are with me nothing can happen. Pratap
says first we have to think how we get out of here? Abeer sees a window open. She says we have to distract these men and I will go out and bring police. Till then you both stay here. Khushi says you won’t go anywhere. I will. Pratap says you two will stay here and I will go. Abeer says let me do something for my family. I made a mistake by trusting mom. Please let me do this. I am going. Pratap says okay be careful. He jumps out of window. Tai’s men are there. Abeer throws a stone to distract them. He tries to run but slips. The thugs see him. Khushi jumps out as well to save abeer. The thugs catch them both. They bring them.
Kamini says he is my son leave him. Thug says he was trying to run. Tai picks up a knife. Khushi says please leave him. Tai says why should i? He is your husband. I should have killed him before. Pratap says take whatever you want but leave them. Tai says I told you what I want to do. I want this wealth but I want to see her suffer too. I should sacrifice him. Khushi says dont’ do this. abeer says don’t listen to her. Tai says what a love story. Tai says this is your last chance if you do anything now I will kill this abeer. Khushi says I will whatever you ask me but please don’t harm anyone. Tai says promise? Khushi says promise. I vowed my mom to save my family. Tai says very good. She throws a rope on abeer’s face. Khushi screams. Tai says I knew you would do anything I am not that cruel. You can spend tonight with your family after tomorrow you will be in jail. Go pass your time. You will be in jail. If you are successful and if you don’t I will kill them all.

Scene 2
They come back to room. Khushi says I will do what she has asked me to and you won’t stop me now. Pratap sys what did you do? You know how dangerous she is. This is a suicide mission. Abeer gives her water. Abeer says you wont go anywhere.
Abeer says this girl is mad I shouldn’t have married her. She won’t go anywhere. Pratpa says what are you saying? Abeer says I know how to handle all this? Pratap says you mean I don’t? Abeer says I know how to work out. If you knew you would have worked your own relationship out. Pratap slaps him and leaves.

Abeer says to Khushi because of you my family is in mess. You create problems and do drama to help my family so you can become hero. I am never gonna allow you to do this. I won’t let you do this. Khushi hugs him in tears. He says if you think I will be convinced this way? Khushi says you think I can’t see whats in your heart. Please let this happen. He says I love I won’t let you risk your life. Khushi says I know I love you too. Abeer says you think I can’t do this? You don’t trust me? Khushi says I do. but we don’t have an option. We have to do this. I was five years old when this tai killed my whole family. We lost everything. Only I and papa were left. We helped each other. We learned but I kept thinking I could do something. I should have done something. To save me my mom gave her life and I lived in that guilt all my life. I dont’ want that regret again in life. Abeer says you are not alone in life. I am here with you. If you wanna do this I wont stop you but don’t stop me from being with you either. I will be with you until my last breath. Isn’t that what we promised. He hugs her.

Pratap says in temple they are both lying and fighting to save each other. Abeer has been loud before but it hurts my heart today. He is doing all this to save Khushi. What is Khushi’s mistake? Tai says God doesn’t listen to anyone. Neither did he listen to me nor Khushi. He doesn’t do anything I had to do all that on my own. Pratap says when he starts listening people like you he would bring world to an end. Tai says don’t speak english. Let me tell you one thing the game I am playing is very dangerous and lets see which horse wins. I have put money on both so I will win anyway. These two character khushi and Kartik no one can save them from me. So I am telling you stay out of this. Pratap says I am not dead inside like you. Tai says I am dead inside. Everything inside died with my kids. I don’t care about anything. I don’t care about you or your family. It will take 30 seconds for me to kill you. Stay out of my business.
Pratap says this is your test God. This woman raised questions on you today. If Khushi loses today, i will lose faith you.

Scene 3
Khushi is sitting in bed and crying. Abeer sits next to her. Abeer holds her hand. Pratap is sitting upset in temple. Kartik is roped and kidnapped. Khushi cries near the window. Abeer caresses her face and swipes her tears. Abeer says I know you are stressed. I want you to know I won’t let anything to any of us. Tai has cross me before harming any of you. Khushi hugs him.

Precap-Tai says I am hungry. Your talks are eating my brain. let me enjoy my breakfast. Khushi comes to bank. She is sneaking in but breaks a glass by mistake. Guard comes in.

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