Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th November 2015 Written Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th November 2015 Written Update by Amena

Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th November 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bhabho and Emily coming home. They get good surprise seeing the home very proper. Everyone sit doing their work. The kids study. Meenakshi tries to say Bhabho. Babasa controls her. Sandhya asks Bhabho to see, she did all the work, she cleaned everything, she has washed clothes and made machine clean, its empty. She says she has lit diya for evening, kids are studying, even Babasa got his tea. She says she was making baati for the Diwali diyas. Bhabho sees the cupboard. Meenakshi gets glad. Sooraj signs Sandhya. Sandhya stops Bhabho and asks her to see how she has drained the curd water. Babasa says yes, go and see, she made good curd to make Shrikhand. Bhabho sees the kitchen neat and tidy.

Sandhya says she has took good care of home, she cleaned the spider webs also, I m also a good housewife. We will do your packing Bhabho. Sooraj says Bhabho will agree to go now. Bhabho says I don’t know how did this miracle happen. Babasa says Sandhya has do any miracle. Bhabho says she is getting smell like something burnt. Babasa says Sandhya won the bet, so your heart is burning, I m joking, actually she burnt dhup. Meenakshi tries to tell Bhabho, and asks her to see there. Sooraj asks Meenakshi to be quiet. Sandhya says its 4pm, tell us your decision. Bhabho says fine, we will go abroad. Babasa and everyone get glad. Sandhya thanks her.

Daisa comes and asks why is everyone dancing, whats the good news. Pari says Dada and Dadi are going Mauritius. Daisa asks which village is this. They smile. Pari says abroad. Daisa says congrats, but give me torch. Meenakshi gets glad. Bhabho says its in cupboard. Meenakshi thinks now Sandhya’s truth will be out. Bhabho opens the cupboard to get torch and everything fall over her. Sooraj says Bhabho…. They all get tensed. Daisa laughs. Sandhya says its kadai, these are washed clothes. Meenakshi dances and says so many things fell on Bhabho. Babasa says just this cupboard was left. Sandhya says sorry Bhabho, did you get hurt. Sooraj says yes, Babasa is right, leave it, ticket is done, we will do packing.

Bhabho says no, I will not go anywhere, I got cheated, you all are involved with Sandhya. Sandhya says no, I worked honestly, I have put best efforts, but at the end, everyone spoiled, I cleaned in 10mins and I did not know you will check cupboard, its not Babasa’s mistake, don’t take this chance from him, you and Babasa spent all life for family. Please let us do something for you, we want to send you and Babasa to Mauritius, please say yes. Sooraj asks Bhabho to agree. Bhabho says this is called family, parents can do anything for such son and bahu, grandchildren who love us so much, I will go for your happiness. Mohit comes home. They all get glad and smile. Daisa asks for torch. Babasa says we will give lantern. Bhabho smiles and says I will get it.

Mohit recalls Komal’s words and sees Sooraj at his sweet stall. He thinks to arrange money, and Sooraj is easiest way for this. Mohit goes to Sooraj and asks for 50000rs, he wants it urgently. Sooraj says give me one month time, I will arrange. Mohit says I can’t wait. Sooraj asks why. Mohit says I have to pay the man, I took parlor items on loan. Sooraj says ask him to wait for 15days.

Mohit asks for money Sooraj kept for Bhabho and Babasa. Sooraj says I will not touch that money, its for our parents, they gave us one shop each to lead good life by earning, we have to do something for them. Mohit says but I need money. Sooraj says my shop is going on fine, I will arrange money soon. Mohit says shop, this is just a stall, you think you will earn 50000rs by this stall in a month, if you earn just a living, that would be much from this stall. He leaves. Sooraj gets sad.

Mohit sees Bhabho giving money to Sandhya, which she kept for Lalima’s marriage. She says Lalima did a lot for this house, I want her marriage to happen well, keep this money safe. Sandhya asks Bhabho not to worry, Lalima’s marriage will happen by her wish and all rituals. Bhabho says I m not worried as you are here. Vikram comes home happily and calls out Meenakshi. Misri says mum went to Pahadi wale Baba. Vikram says I needed her, and she is gone. Bhabho asks whats the matter.

Vikram says tourists are coming in Pushkar, the guide is my best friend, he told me that he will make them buy clothes from my shop, how will I manage. Misri says I will manage. Vikram says experienced people are needed. Sandhya says we all will manage, right Mohit? Mohit says yes, family is together. Vikram thanks her and asks them to come, till then he will prepare.

Mohit sees the family members busy in helping Vikram at his shop, and says its good chance to do his work. Babasa and Bhabho show clothes to tourist. Babasa says he knows English, he is parent of English. Bhabho looks on. Mohit goes to Sandhya’s room to steal money, and opens the cupboard. He takes the money and turns. He gets shocked.

Mohit thinks Lalima will regret for this, its time to pay price for the slap. He burns her sweet shop. Everyone get shocked.

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