Gathbandhan 11th February 2019 Written Update

Gathbandhan 11th February 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Gathbandhan 11th February 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Mai is hanging from roof. She screams for Raghu. Dhanak runs there and asks her to give hand. Mai says I will die but wont give you hand. Dhanak says I am here to save you. She says to Bai that she wont listen to me, we have to do as I say. Mai says dont listen to me. Dhanak tells plan to Bai. Bai says what are you saying? Dhanak says I will call police and they will interrogate you, we dont have time, listen to me. Bai says sorry to Mai and leaves. Mai asks her to leave. Dhanak asks her to give hand to her. Raghu comes there and sees Mai hanging. He runs to roof. Dhanak says I dont have any other way. She takes hair pin and pricks at Mai. Mai loses balance and falls. Raghu comes there and shouts that you made her fell? you tried to kill her. Dhanak says look down. Raghu sees Mai lying

in net made by Bai and others. Raghu says to Dhanak that you saved her? thanks a lot. He runs to Mai. Mai says I am fine. She glares at Dhanak and says people cant do anything against me. People clap for Dhanak for saving Mai. All look on. Mai is angry. Raghu thinks that it happened for good, she will praise Dhanak. Mai says I dont believe this, she tried to kill me. Parag says she gave this idea, she is an IPS officer, she will join police soon. All salute her. Mai is shocked. Raghu looks on. Dhanak salutes and leaves from there.
Mai is angry on Bai. Bai says what did I do? Mai grumbles and says people saluted to someone else for first time, Raghu knew that she is from police and still went behind her. Maya says I wont spare her. Mai says she is not easy to fight, we will end their romance. I will separate Raghu from her.

Raghu is following Dhanak. He takes grocery from her. Raghu says thank you for saving Mai. Dhanak says she is my enemy. Raghu says how you thought about becoming police officer? Dhanak says my father had this dream, Raghu says its difficult career. Dhanak says no, I will marry and have kids too. Raghu thinks thats good, Dhanak says first I have to get in police, then make my siblings marry. Raghu says that is a lot of years before your marriage. She leaves. Raghu says she will make me work a lot.

Mai calls Raghu and gives him wine. She says some drinks are good but some are not. Mai brings out guns and says one bullet in your gun and one in mine, you shoot me and I will shoot you. Raghu says its dangerous. Mai says thats how it works. Raghu says you start and I will end. Mai thinks Raghu you have started. Mai takes gun and shoots. She shoots in wall. Raghu points gun at her and shoots but its empty. She says I give one more chance. They both take chance but Raghu shows her bullet and says I cant take chance with your life. Mai says you dont make me live in peace too. She makes him play cards and says let me tell you a story, a guy and girl were on road romancing, goons gather around them but girl fights them. Raghu says let me tell you more story, guy knows she is a police officer but he loves her. Mai says whats the matter? You were seen with that girl. Raghu says I fell in love with her but I didnt know about her being in police, I want to marry her. Mai says your marriage is fixed with Maya, these police people are our enemies, they killed your father and took our happiness, I hate her. Raghu says I love her, I will sort this. Mai says no, you want to ask her? go and ask her but take guarantee, if she says no then you will marry Maya at sametime. Raghu says what if she says yes? Mai says then you marry her instead of Maya, are you ready to play? Raghu says I promise to play and I will win this time. Maya hears all that and is hurt. She stops Raghu and is drunk. She says I love you but you dont care, that girl is more than me for you? I will marry you, if any girl tries to get you then I will not spare her. Raghu says you are my friend but I cant give you heart. He leaves. Mai takes Maya from there. She asks Maya to trust her, I gave you word that you will marry Raghu only. Maya says what if I lose in all this? Mai says dont forget that I play all cards, it started in Gujrat and will end in Gujrat, Dhanak will know that Raghu kidnapped her father and will never marry him.


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