Internet Wala Love 11th February 2019 Written Update

Internet Wala Love 11th February 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Internet Wala Love 11th February 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aadhya walking in shock thinking about jai in the hospital. Kho gaya gum gaya…..chadariya song plays…..She thinks of Doctor’s words asking them to pray for him. She cries seeing Jai’s critical condition and recalls his love confession. She thinks of his words that her every pain and trouble will be his and he will face it all. She asks him to get up and cries. She says you can’t go, this is cheating, you have promised me, you will not break promises and asks him to get up. She says if I am fine then you have to be fine too. Rupa sees Aadhya crying badly and sitting outside the ICU. Shubhankar comes to Aadhya and says lets go home, it is late night. Aadhya says I will not go until Jai becomes fine. She says please. Rupa hears them and goes inside to check Jai.

Aadhya sleeps outside the ICU. In the morning, Doctor tells that Jai is unconscious since 24 hours and if he don’t gain consciousness then…
Rupa comes to Jai and asks why did you jump in fire. She cries and says you have become selfish, and was already stubborn. She tells Dada ji that since childhood, he is stubborn and closes his eyes until his wish is fulfilled. She asks him to open his eyes and goes out. She sees Aadhya praying to God and crying. She holds her hand and takes her to ICU. Shubhankar thinks what is her new drama? Rupa tells that she hates Balika bazaar chappal from day 1, as she has insulted her bhujiya infront of media and humiliated and did opposition. She says I had promised to save you from such girls. Dadu asks her to calm down and says this is not the right time to talk about this. Shubhankar asks Dadu to tell her not to scold Aadhya. Rupa says if Aadhya is your happiness, then what to do, I surrender. She says Rupa Mittal loses and your love won. She gives Aadhya’s hand in Jai’s hand and says I accept this relation. Dadu is happy. Aadhya cries happily.

She asks Jai to see that his wish is fulfilled and asks him to open his eyes. She cries. Aadhya also cries keeping her head on his hand. Jai gains consciousness and moves his finger. Aadhya stops crying and smiles. Jai calls Mom to Rupa. Rupa smiles and kisses on his forehead. Aadhya smiles while crying. Rupa thanks the God. Jai takes out oxygen mask and asks if whatever she said was true or trick. Rupa says it was trick, but I accept Aadhya. She smiles. Dadu asks Shubhankar about his decision. Shubhankar says when kids are happy, what we can say. Dadu says their relation is fixed, I have to distribute sweets in entire hospital. Jai holds Aadhya’s hand and asks why is she crying? Aadhya nods no. He asks if she had anything.

Jai is discharged from the hospital. Band baja is played. Jai says he wants to dance, but Aadhya says not now. Shubhankar gets Sharma’s son call, and rejects it seeing Aadhya and Jai. Sharma’s son thinks to go home and meet him and his daughter. Dadu asks Aadhya if she agreed before the proposal. Jai says he will propose her nicely. Rupa comes to Shubhankar and says let them live these moments.

Jai and Aadhya decide to meet each other. Jai says your complaint list is big and asks her to meet him at coffee shop side lane. Aadhya says ok. Jai says I love you and leaves from his house. Aadhya takes an auto and leaves. Jai stops his car due to the traffic jam. Aadhya comes to the lane and waits for Jai. Some goons see her and try to tease her. Aadhya asks them to go and is about to slap him, but the goon holds his hand. Sharma’s son comes and saves her. He asks if she is fine? Aadhya says she is fine. Jai is driving his car when a girl comes infront of his car and falls down. Sharma’s son gets a call about the accident and runs. Aadhya also follows him. Jai tries to make the girl gains consciousness. She opens her eyes and looks at Jai. Sharma’s son asks Jai how dare he? Jai asks who are you and how dare you? They hold each other collar. Aadhya looks shocked.

Jai and Aadhya are romancing, and are oblivious to the storm coming their way. Sharma’s son calls Shubhankar and says he came to talk about marriage.

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