Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 11th February 2019 Written Update

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 11th February 2019 Written Update by Amena

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 11th February 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sumer pushing Bindal and running away. Bindal calls him out and says you won’t be able to run away, you will be dying, come to me, don’t make me chase you, you won’t be getting saved, you won’t find anyone of my family. He laughs. Sumer calls Veer and says you and your family are not getting targeted by curse, your royal family isn’t real, someone from the royal family was alive, his descendants are killing you all. Bindal stabs Sumer. Sumer shouts and dies. Veer gets shocked. Bindal steps on the phone to break it. Archie asks Veer whose call was it. Its morning, Bindal holds Sumer’s body and cries. He tells everyone that Lord has punished Sumer. Veer says its not any punishment, Sumer called me, how were you not with him. Bindal says he didn’t meet

me, he said he is finding something imp, he died.
Rajmata asks Archie what was she asking Lord, what’s the matter. Archie says someone has killed Sumer, anyone joining with this state is becoming a part of curse punishment, don’t you think someone is behind this, Sumer called Veer before dying, he also said the same thing, that Arjun’s family wants to kill your family, its not any curse. Rajmata prays. She says King Vikram did wrong, we are cursed by Lali, you are seeing everything happening here, if you have any doubt, then ask Lord. Veer, Titu and Dolly try to solve the mystery. Veer asks them to read the papers carefully and get the clue. He says we have to find Arjun’s descendants. Archie asks Lord to give her some signs, is there any curse on this family. She keeps a flower on the idol and says if there is a curse, then make this flower fall on my left side. The flower falls on left side. She says it means there is a curse on this royal family, what’s the solution, the entire family shouldn’t bear punishment because of one sinner, save Veer and me. The door opens. Wind blows. Some papers fall towards Archie. Archie holds the flickering diya.

Rajmata comes and shuts the window. She asks Archie not to worry, she will get all her answers. Archie thinks I got an answer, that curse exists, I didn’t get the solution. She picks the papers and checks. She gets someone’s address and asks is this Lord’s sign. Suchitra locks the door and tells someone that she did a mistake, she told the old secret to inspector, and he had died. She leaves the village. She thinks why did I tell the truth to Sumer. Bindal stops the car and says you have told truth to Sumer. He asks her to give her Gauri’s granddaughter’s address. She gives the address. She says she is Mohini and Suresh Agarwal’s daughter. Bindal says you told this to me and will tell anyone else also. He kills Suchitra.

Veer says Arjun’s descendants have killed my family, I will return them everything and do justice with them, the they will be punished for the crimes. Archie asks how will you reach them. Veer says I will try to find the tantric and the man who instigated Rajguru. Archie says its a curse and Lord have given me this solution. He says there is no curse, why do you want to go there. She says we have to think how to stop this. He says you do what you want, lets see who finds the last sign. They exchange their clues. Veer goes. Bindal comes to the address. The man asks why are you here. Bindal says I m a policeman, is this Mohini’s house. The man says she had died, her daughter is staying in Kanakgadh. Bindal thinks so she is Lali’s heir, I will find out who is she. He breaks the lock and goes in. He finds some pics. He sees Mohini and Suresh’s pics. He says so you have adopted Lali’s heir. He gets shocked seeing the girl’s pic. He says Archana is Lali’s heir.

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