Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 8th March 2019 Written Update

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 8th March 2019 Written Update by Amena

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 8th March 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pavitra asking Neeraj to run along. They run away and get shocked seeing Kaal Bhairav in front. She feels scared. She keeps the idol and apologizes. She wishes she meets her child once. It gets windy. She finds herself in the jungle. Utsav idol shines. She prays and takes the idol. She calls out Neeraj. Vandana, Archie and Revati reach there. Revati says I don’t know if Neeraj’s lookalike os here. Archie says we have no other way, Vandana can wait in the car and take care of child. Vandana says no, we are fine, its imp to find the idol. She gets a call. She makes an excuse and goes. Archie says I will look that side, call me if you find anything. Revati agrees. Vandana looks for the idol.

Veer and Rajmata are also in jungle. She asks him to keep patience.

She says I called Sia, she would know about Archie and others, go and hide fast. Sia comes and asks are you fine. Veer says I m not fine, everyone is saying I killed Dolly, why would I do this, what’s happening with me. Rajmata says if police doesn’t find us in the car, they can reach us, we should leave fast. They leave. Rajmata asks Sia is Archie fine, did they get the idol. Sia says no, I spoke to Archie, she asked us to wait for her at temple. Pavitra keeps the idol. She calls Vandana and asks where are you all, I have the idol. Vandana says I know this, I heard Abhiram talking to Thakur, don’t worry, we will free your child from Thakur. Pavitra tells her location. Vandana asks her not to worry, if everyone reaches her first, they will not save her baby and go to purify idol first.
Pavitra says you are right, come fast, I m waiting. Revati hears Vandana. She says it means Vandana is playing a big game, I have to find her truth fast. Archie comes across Neeraj and asks where is the idol, you have stolen it right. Neeraj takes her. Archie shouts to Revati. Veer and Rajmata see police finding him at checkpost. He takes the car other way. Rajmata says there is police behind this. Police checks a car and doesn’t find them. The constable says this car belongs to royal family. Inspector says it means they have gone through this route, they left the car and run away seeing the police. Veer, Rajmata and Sia hide. Inspector sees them hiding. He runs to catch them. Pavitra cries and regrets for her greed. She sees her baby. She keeps the idol and runs to her baby. The baby disappears. She cries. She gets hurt by a tree and faints down.

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