Kawach 6th November 2016 Written Update

Kawach 6th November 2016 Written Update by H_Hasan

Kawach 6th November 2016 Written Episode

Jolly makes Pari slip on servant carrying juice. Juice falls on Kunal. Kunal yells at Pari. Joly in Rajbeer’s body takes Kunal out to change his dress. Bharath yells at Pari to go and stay in her room and not ruin his son’s enagement. Rajbeer takes Kunal out towards outhouse. Kunal says he will go alone now. Rajbeer throws dirt on him and laughs that he is dirty totally now. Knal angrily tries to hit Rajbeer. Jolly comes out of Rajbeer’s body and beats Kunal. He hears people coming, buries Kunal in ground and leaves. Pari watches everything hiding. She removes mud and gets Kunal out of ground and asks how does he know Jolly. He panics and falls unconscious. She rushes him to hospital and asks doc to treat him first. Doc takes him to ICU, comes out and says Kunal
went into coma. He asks how did the accident happen and if she informed police. She says no.

At Rajbeer’s house, after Vikranth and Sayoni’s engagemnt, Amal says engagment went well. Ranveer grips hhis sholder tightly in lieu of hugging. Amal says his grip is good. Vikas comes and says even Kunal is missing now. Earlier Santosh went saying there is a problem at office and now even Kunal went to help him, but when I called office, everything is normal there. Jolly in Ranbeer’s body jokes by the time of marriage even they both may vanish. Vikas asks what does he mean and fume. Pari enters and says it is time for celerbation and gives it to everyone. Ritu yells she always come here forcefullly even after being a guest. Pari says she is right, she is a guest insead and stuffs laddoo in her mouth.

Pai goes to her room and thinks hoow to inform Vikas and Amal about Jolly and him trying to kill Vikas and Santosh. She enters outhouse via window. Ritu enters with Vikas and Amal, Bharath, and Natasha. She sees Pari and yells she always come here to create trouble in their lives. Vikas asks if she came to steal. Pari says no and thinks if she tells them about Jolly and what he did with partners, they will not believe her and even Jolly will know that she knows what he is doing. Natasha tells that Pari is Rajbeer’s first wife and always tries to create problem. Vikas asks why did not they hide that Pari is Rajbeer’s first wife. Ritu says this is thing to be told about and apologizes. Bharath yells at Pari that he hold her not to trouble in his son’s marriage. Pari runs from there.

Amal prays idol in outhouse and hears a weird sound. He gets afraid. Rajbeer comes and holds his shoulder from behind. Amal says he frightened him. Rajbeer says let us go to caterer. Amal says he will give prasad and come back. Rajbeer insists. Amal says he will change and come back in 10 in. Rajbeer says only 10 min.

Ritu in her room selects dress to wear in sangeet. Pari comes and drops water on dresses. Ritu shouts how dare she is to spoil her dresses. Pari says she came to give her something. Ritu laughs what she can give. Pari says Rajbeer, she can try to get Rajbeer tonight if she can and even if she tries whole life, she cannot. Argument ensues. Pari asks if she knows what her kind of women are called. Ritu angrily tries to slap Pari, Pari holds hand and slaps her instead. Ritu calls Rajbeer. Whole family enters. Ritu complains that Pari slapped her. Pari says Rajbeer he can Ritu itself, why she is trying ot lure Rajbeer and get him and asks Rajbeer to tell even if she tries whole life, she cannot. Rajbeer asks Pari to go. Ritu starts luring Rajbeer and Jolly in him fumes. Ritu continues her drama. He angrily holds her neck and seeing Sayoni coming there stops. Sayoni asks if they saw Amal and leaves. He acts as pampering Ritu and leaves from there.

Amal waits for Rajbeer near parking lot. Pari calls him and says if he wants to know what happened to his partners, he whould come to City hospital right now and bring Vikas along. Amal goes alone and fumes seeing Pari in hospitala nd shouts. Pari asks to come along before Jolly sees them and takes him to Kunal’s ICU room. Amal is shocked to see Kunal in coma. Pari asks him how he knows Jolly and informs her all the incidents happened and how Jolly troubles him. Amal says he knows only god and does not trust her and leaves. He reaches back home. Jolly in Ranbeer’s body sees Amal and smirks that sheep himself is coming to be sacrificed. He walks towards Amal and asks where did he go. Pari comes and says she has prepared Vikranth and Sayoni’s wedding card and gives them each. She gives a note to Amal that her husband is posessed by evil spirit and he knows evil spirits cannot read. She asks Rajbeer if everything is right in card. Rajbeer says it is fine. Pari then gives caard to Amal and shows that it is different card. Amal reallizes Rajbeer is posessed by evil spirit. Pari leaves. Aman gets afraid that Pari is leaving him wiht evil alone. He silently walks away. Rajbeer catches him and asks why did he come here, let us go out. Amal says he has some work. They both see Vikranth and Sayoni in a car trying to kiss. Rajbeer shouts stop and scolds Vikranth what is he doing with his sister. Sayoni says it was her mistake and not Vikranth’s. Vikranth asks Rajbeer why is he calling Sayoni his sister. Rajbeer says Vikas is like his brother now, se he called Sayoni as sister.

Amal goes to hanuman temple and prays. Pari comes there. Amal holds her feet and pleads to forgive him. She asks him to tell what happened from the beginning. He says Vikas and Jolly were childhood friends. Vikas was hardworking, but Jolly was a rogue and womanizer. Vikas opened a company with Amal, Santosh, Jolly and Kunal as partners. They all 4 used to work hard, but Jolly used to be behind women. He used to love Vikas’s sister as his own, so Vikas used to not tell him anything. Jolly loved a girl and started torturing her when she rejected him. Vikas confronted and slapped him and told even that girl is someone’s sister and kicks him out of company. Jolly angrily tries to burn company files, but gets his hands burnt instead. Vikas gets him arrested, but he comes out and tortures girl again.

During sangeet, Amal tells Vikas he needs to talk something important. Vikas says not now, already 2 partners are missing and they both have to take care of arrangements alone. Amal sees Rajbeer and gets afraid. Rajbeer comes near him and he chants hanuman chalisa. Nothing happens to Rajbeer. Rajbeer/Jolly then adds poison in juice and keeps it in tray. Ritu gives that juice to Amal. Amal drinks it and falls down with froth from his mouth. Whole family gathers around him. Daadi asks Rajbeer to get gangajal soon. Jolly gets afraid afraid.

Precap: Amal thanks Pari for saving him from Jolly. Jolly tortures Pari and Amal with his super powers. A man asks Amal if he believes in supersitition even in this age. Pari and Amal travel in car. Jolly see Vikranth kissing Sayoni and angrily holds his collar. Sayoni asks him to leave as Vikranth was just trying ot cheer her up.

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